Coachella Music Festival: What’s Happening at the Trendiest Festival of the Year

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If paradise exists on Earth, then it is located on Coachella, in an oasis in the middle of the desert, surrounded by palm trees and mountains, and the people there are beautiful, free, and happy. Legendary and largest Coachella music and arts festival, also the most lucrative music event in the United States. In this article, we will tell you in detail what does Coachella means and what happens at the Coachella festival.

What Is Coachella

Coachella is the most famous three-day (formerly one- or two-day) festival of independent music.

What Is the Coachella Music Festival Named After

The answer to the question of why it is called Coachella is quite simple. The festival gets its name from a venue in the Coachella Valley, Indio City, near the millionaire’s paradise, the glamorous town of Palm Springs in California. We have dealt with the Coachella definition and where the Coachella music festival held, let’s dive into history a little.

When Was Coachella Founded

Surely, the first question that comes to mind is who started Coachella. The festival owes its appearance to the vocalist and leader of the rock band Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder. Back in 1993, he was furious with the high ticket prices that Ticketmaster sold to the band’s concerts. The band decided to boycott the events organized by the greedy company and performed outdoors at the Empire Polo Club. The concert was a great success, gathering about 25 thousand people. The organizers felt great potential in this format.

In addition, there was practically no worthy alternative to such an event. Some festivals either became famous for the eerie atmosphere, robberies and riots, other music shows were let down by the weather.

When Does Coachella Start

Usually, the Coachella music festival is held every April for three days, namely Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The dates do not always coincide each year, but mostly, the festival starts by the middle of the month.

How Big Is Coachella

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The size of the festival is truly impressive. It is held at the Empire Polo Club, which covers 78 acres. But when you consider the land used for camping and parking, the event as a whole covers an area of ​​approximately 642 acres.

How Does Coachella Work

Coachella has an amazing organization. Every process, every queue is controlled, due to which there are almost none of them. While staying there, you rarely have to wait in a queue, and you will hardly notice the overflowing trash cans. Where people congregate, employees immediately appear and begin to coordinate with everyone and suggest what to do.

There is a tent camp, which is laid out outdoors, and all tents with cars are set up according to the scheme. You will have no problem with finding the right tent.

Parking lots and exits are separated and scattered on different sides of the festival, relieving the flow of people. At the same time, all the corridors from the festival are illuminated by giant lanterns of different colors, and it is frankly difficult to get lost.

Entrance control takes place in two stages – first, the entrance to the campsite, then to the festival site. And each of them is also divided into two parts: security and bracelet verification. Security control, of course, is not a quick process, but with the control of bracelets everything is easier: you activate it in advance, and at the entrance, you just have to attach the chip to the sensor.

The festival has a very convenient mobile application that works without an Internet connection. There are several sitemaps, a list of all the entertainment, food, information, and, of course, a line-up in various formats (lists, timeline, upcoming performances, artist profiles). The schedules indicate the concerts that you can attend, and 15 minutes before the concert, it resembles a push notification.

What Kind of Music Is Played at Coachella

Defining the first Coachella can be like a celebration of indie rock, but over time the festival has become one of the best musical events in the United States and the world. There are few analogs like it.

Coachella is about the connection of various styles and trends, from popular music and hip-hop to indie rock and even house. To illustrate the diversity of Coachella’s music, you just need to see that in different years its main speakers were The Chemical Brothers, Paul Oakenfold, Björk, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, The Killers, Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Gorillaz, Blur, Muse, AC/DC, Drake, Guns N ‘Roses, Calvin Harris, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, David Guetta, Moby. And this is not even a complete list!

Why Is Coachella So Popular or Reasons to Go to Coachella

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  1. The main thing at the festival is excellent music. Coachella is the unity of all styles and trends, from pop music and hip-hop to indie rock and house. In those territories that are involved in the festival, all performances are held simultaneously. In this case, space is divided into several sectors.
  2. The famous California festival differs from many others in that it is dedicated not only to music but also to art. On the territory of Coachella, during the three-day event, art and sculpture exhibitions are held, and guests of the festival can not only have fun with their favorite music but also get acquainted with the latest in art.
  3. At Coachella, you can easily meet celebrities because most of the guests are world-class stars and VIPs. Stars regularly come to the festival: regular guest Leonardo DiCaprio, actor Gerard Butler, singer Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez, actress Diane Kruger, model Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Alessandra Ambrosio, and many others.
  4. The festival has the friendliest atmosphere you can imagine. Some kind of absolute love for people, music, art, nature reigns in the air, and each of the visitors is impossibly original and unpredictable.
  5. There is a lot of food and drink at the festival. You can find just about everything from paella to salads and sandwiches. Water at the festival is at a nice fixed price, while there are zones where you can pour water for free.
  6. An ideal location with magnificent panoramas will not leave anyone indifferent. The mild climate of the valley surrounded by mountains and the mineral springs of Coachella attracts everyone.

How Much Does the Ticket Cost

A ticket to Coachella costs at the time of 2019 about $999 per VIP zone, which means the nearest meters from the stage. But the main space costs $430. In Los Angeles, the nearest airport is located in a three-hour drive to the desert by transport, but if you decide not to save: a private plane will take you to the festival in 30-40 minutes, which costs $1500, or a helicopter – in an hour ($4000).

Coachella Info during a Pandemic

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One of the largest and most sensational concert festivals in the world, Coachella was the first festival to stop its activity when the US quarantine began. Festival organizers announced that after a two-year break due to the Pandemic, Coachella will begin in April 2022.

Coachella is scheduled to take place on April 15-17 and April 22-24, and those interested can book a pre-sale ticket. But the main line-up of the musicians has not yet been announced.Coachella is a truly unique event that we sincerely advise you to attend. After spending a day at the incredibly atmospheric Coachella festival, you will understand that every cent spent on a ticket fully pays for itself with bright, unforgettable emotions. Coachella is a festival not only for music but also for art. Special places are allocated there for paintings and sculptures. Interestingly, artists are given access to the territory 10 days before the festival, so that they have time to mount and prepare their works. For the past few years, giant art objects have been installed at the festival. For example, in 2019, the theme of Coachella was space, which means that the art objects were in the form of planets, astronauts, and installations of stars. If we briefly answer the question of what Coachella is—this is all about good music, new acquaintances, and an incredibly cozy atmosphere.

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