Why is the cleanest sea on the planet not accessible for swimming?

the cleanest sea on the planet

Many of us would love to rest on the cleanest seashore. However, it is difficult to do so.

The fact is that the cleanest sea of Weddell is located on the Antarctic coast and covered with a thick ice layer. Therefore, if you are not the most hardened man in the world, you can hardly swim in it.

The water in Weddell is so clear you can see all the inhabitants of the underwater world. The water is so clean because of the harsh climatic conditions. The sea is about three kilometers deep and has a total area of 920,000 square meters. The ice is up to two meters thick and completely covers the sea. Water temperatures can reach minus three degrees in winter.

A Scottish navigator, James Weddell, had discovered the sea in 1823. He hunted seals and looked for their lying places.

There is a beautiful legend about the Weddell Sea. Sailors often see a male mermaid in the water. Most likely, they mistake it for a mythical creature of seals or whales.

The Sargasso Sea and the Dead Sea respectively occupy the second and third places in the ranking of clear seas. The cleanest and warmest sea suitable for swimming is the Red Sea.

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