Why is Piccadilly circus so famous?

Piccadilly circus

The capital of Great Britain is quite popular among tourists. They are attracted by historical sites, architectural monuments, and a unique cultural atmosphere. Even the Queen lives here. If you are going to London, we suggest you visit Piccadilly. This road junction has become one of the symbols of the city. But what made it so popular?


The Piccadilly square was opened in 1819, served as an interchange for several streets; in subsequent years another one was added. In 1892 a fountain with a statue of Anteros, the god of mutual love, appeared. It is located on a round pedestal and is often mistaken for the statue of Eros. Young people often gather here, and tourists rest on the steps after long walks and drink coffee. Piccadilly is in the city center, so it is easy to get there.


famous piccadilly circus

One of the streets, Regent Street, has hundreds of Piccadilly circus shops. There are expensive boutiques and mass-market stores. You can buy clothes, shoes, extra souvenirs for friends. Twice a year there are real sales when you can buy an expensive item with up to 80% discount. These happy days come in late December and mid-summer when the city is full of tourists.


The square connects three major streets, each with access to other London sights. Piccadilly Street, formerly known as the street of the aristocrats who built mansions, houses with rich decoration. It is home to the Royal Academy of Arts. A stroll down Piccadilly Street will take you to Hyde Park. Regent Street is a place where you can buy almost anything. This is where you can walk to Regent Park. Third Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, can take you to Oxford Street through Chinatown.


Piccadilly circus is the first place in London to install neon billboards. There are dozens of them here today. Billboards are on all day, so the area is flooded with light even at night. London’s Cupids will help you immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere. The Criterion Theatre in London is the first and only underground museum. Also here you can see the statue of Britannia, a female warrior sitting on a lion with a spear in her hand.

It’s not boring

Piccadilly Square

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary square, but you can spend the whole day here. The streets are wide and long, you can walk all you want. Are you hungry? Look at the café, there are dozens of them. The Hollywood Planet Restaurant is particularly exciting. There are cafeterias where you can buy coffee with you, sit on the steps of the Anteros Fountain. The convenient location allows you to quickly get to other attractions.

Piccadilly Square may not be on the list of places to visit while traveling around London. However, be sure to check it out here. You won’t regret it.

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