Why every tourist needs to visit the Alps?

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The Alps are the dream of every skier or snowboarder: amazing slopes, perfect service, cozy hotels, unusual local holidays, and, of course, the incomparable beauty of the mountain, which you fall in love with at first sight. Even if you are not a fan of extreme sports, alpine resorts can not leave you indifferent. You can be sure that you will not find such a variety of entertainment and natural landscapes anywhere else in the world.

This region is replete with beautiful waterfalls, picturesque glaciers, and charming alpine villages. If all this seems to be not enough reason for you to buy a ticket to the Alps, our list will help you learn a lot. At the end of this article, you will find a bonus list of reasons to visit the Alps.

In winter and summer, you want to talk about the Alps. Snow-capped mountains, clean air, early sunsets, silence, and beauty all around wait for millions of tourists. It is one of the most popular destinations all year round. Thanks to their location, they allow you to travel around the countries, explore the local flavor, and have fun.

As you see, mountain holidays in the European Alps will suit absolutely anyone and at any time of year. Moreover, this natural complex is located on the territory of several countries, which makes the choice even wider.

Italian Alps

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Italy can charm not only with its majestic cathedrals and temples, museums and cities but also with its mountains. Here, the snow-covered ice cliffs descend to a bright sunny beach. Resorts in Italy are considered expensive. But if you can’t ride on the high mountain slopes, you can still admire the peaks with pleasure.

Italy has a beautiful legend about the Dolomites. In history, the Dolomites used to be beautiful roses among gnomes’ lands. When the Dwarf King tried to hide in them from his enemy, the roses did not cover him. So he cursed them, shouting that he did not want to see them day or night. Fortunately, the king forgot about sunrises and sunsets, leaving us to see the mountains blooming in the rays of the setting and rising sun.



France is not the last in the ranking for fans of alpine skiing and beauty of ridges. Romantic conversations and hot coffee are perfectly combining with a beautiful view of the snow-capped peaks of the famous mountains.

What comes to mind first when you think about the French mountains? Snow resorts, of course. In France, as in other countries listed, there are widespread destinations for winter holidays. Every winter thousands of active holiday enthusiasts come here.

Three Valleys is the largest area of skiing in the world is here. The length of the slopes is 600 km! Meribel station, which looks exactly as we imagine the ideal ski resort to be in the heart of Three Valleys. It is a place with cozy streets scattered on the slopes of the mountain with traditional chalets, pine forests, and fantastic views of the Alps.

Slovenian Alps

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The mountains in Slovenia are both gentle slopes and inaccessible rocks. This combination of landscapes allows both beginners and professionals to find suitable entertainment. In summer, hiking and cycling are popular here. In winter, traditional snow resorts. In this way, Slovenia multiplies the variety of Alpine holidays and presents each guest with a choice of something different. After all, it is a country with a rich history and many attractions.

This country is suitable for a quiet holiday. It is not as popular as France or Austria so you can get some privacy and relax from the hustle and bustle. Moreover, even in winter, it has a very mild climate in which you can relax in nature.

The Alps are all at once. Everyone can find what they like. But if all the above is not enough for you, then we have prepared some more dizzying facts.

reasons to see the Alps

Bonus: 25 reasons to see the Alps, if you have not decided yet!

  1. The Alps are so big that they cover 10% of Europe.
  2. Tourism today earns more money than the traditional agricultural industry in the region.
  3. A few centuries ago, these mountains were unsuitable for human exploration and served as a natural barrier between whole nations.
  4. This isolation allowed for the preservation of unique cultural heritage and even languages.
  5. The modern infrastructure allows skiing not only during the winter but all year round. Availability for hiking is also growing, and more and more routes are now available to conquer beautiful landscapes.
  6. One of the most attractive places among this variety of stones is the Dolomites, which located in Italy. Every sunrise and sunset brings pink to these slopes. This phenomenon is since these stones used to be underwater and dyed by clams.
  7. The Alps are the perfect defense of borders. Italy uses it more than any other country because most of its land borders pass through the mountains.
  8. Hannibal, a famous Carthaginian general, managed to get the fighting elephants through the mountains at a time when even for humans it was a very risky venture.
  9. The height of the European Alps allows them to stop the flow of cold winds. The mountains are a natural barrier to the northern climate.
  10. The Swiss have made so many tunnels that these rocks look more like cheese. One of the tunnels claims to be the largest in the world, as it is almost 60 km long.
  11. Avalanches cause many deaths. Tens of thousands of people died under the rubble of snow during World War I.
  12. The ice preserves the remains well. Scientists found skeletons in snow tombs that date back to the 3rd millennium BC.
  13. Cheese-making is still a very popular craft here. Beautiful weather conditions and the preservation of traditions have made local products of high quality.
  14. Over 10 million people can call the Alps their home. In addition to the countries already named, these are the people of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Monaco.
  15. The Alps are an extremely popular tourist destination. More than 100 million people visit these slopes annually.
  16. The Winter Olympics were first held here in Chamonix.
  17. No one knows exactly where the name “Alps” came from, but it is most likely the ancient word for mountain.
  18. In modern dictionaries, this word is used to refer to pastures near glaciers.
  19. Farms breed many cows in the Alps. They’re not purple.
  20. Wooden huts with minimum amenities serve as a traditional refuge for shepherds and farmers who continue centuries-old traditions.
  21. The peaks of the Alps are the result of collisions of tectonic plates.
  22. From this point of view, many peaks used to be Africa.
  23. Mountain streams provide drinking water to almost all nearby areas.
  24. The Alps combine palms and beaches in the south with the permafrost of the north.
  25. Many different animals live here. The wildlife has preserved its pristine appearance and thus made the Alps the best wildlife reserve available to us.

Now you know a little more about the European mountains, and you’re likely to go there. You might even be a little jealous of the locals who have the opportunity to enjoy this beauty every day.

Don’t miss out on a trip to the Alps as soon as you get a chance, because you can have a good time here at any time of year, on any budget and with different people. A journey to the Alps is a must for any tourist.

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