Why does every traveler need to go to Mexico at least once?

go to Mexico

Mexico attracts millions of tourists annually: it’s sunny climate, national temperament, famous Mexican cuisine and stunning beaches make the country so attractive. So why should every traveler include Mexico in the list of mandatory destinations for recreation?

Ancient history

Mexico is a mixture of ancient Spanish, Caribbean and Indian cultures. Mayan civilization is one of the most mysterious periods in human history. Ancient temples, unique pyramids, monuments of ancient architecture and culture, mysterious artifacts and unsolved mysteries: Mexican history is a stunning treasure of cultural, architectural and mystical sights. Ancient cities, temples and monuments will interest even a sophisticated traveler.

Beach holidays

Snow-white beaches on Mexican coasts are one of the country’s trademarks. Acapulco and Cancun are among the best beach resorts in the world. Fabulous nature, clear water and soft white sand give tourists a real paradise holiday.

Mexican cuisine

Hot and spicy dishes, famous guacamole and tortillas, unusual dishes from cactus, meat and seafood – national cuisine of Mexico is famous all over the world. It is an unforgettable experience for a tourist to taste spicy dishes and get acquainted with unusual ways of preparation of products unusual for European cuisine.


There are dozens of tequila species, differing in taste, color and fortress in Mexico. Most types of drink you can only taste in Mexico, as well as national cocktails made based on tequila.


Scuba Diving, snorkeling and simply diving in the unique underwater caves of the Yucatan is a real adventure for both professional divers and ordinary tourists who will appreciate these wonders of nature. A visit to the Cenotes is a must during a trip to Mexico.

National Holidays

The Day of the Dead, dance events, famous salsa and temperamental Mexican carnivals will be an unusual experience for a tourist plunging into the national atmosphere.

All Seasons

You can go to Mexico in any convenient season. Throughout the year, the country keeps roughly the same temperature and the sea is warm for bathing. There is no season of heavy rains, and the climate is mild and humid, which is ideal for trips both in summer and winter.


The cost of accommodation, transportation, food and most excursions in Mexico are relatively low. The only expensive component of the trip – the price of air tickets. However, there are ways to significantly reduce flight costs by choosing flights with connections through Europe or the U.S., as well as advance booking of air tickets.

There are many more reasons to go to Mexico. This sunny and colorful Latin American country will be a bright and unusual experience for every traveler.

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