Why do the British love Hyde Park?

hyde park

Hyde Park was inaccessible to Londoners until the 17th century: before it belonged to Westminster Abbey, and then served as a hunting ground for King Henry VIII. The park deserved the heartfelt love of the English after it was opened. It is truly a unique place in the city, famous all over the world and has become an important landmark of the English capital.

Today foreigners know Hyde Park as one of London’s largest parks and attractions. So, why is Hyde Park so beloved by the British and what makes it special?

An oasis in the middle of London

Modern London is a major metropolis with a frenzied rhythm of life. Hyde Park offers a refuge from everyday worries, outdoor walks, and a riot of greenery without leaving the city limits. It’s so huge that there’s always a quiet corner under the shade of trees or a sunny glade.

Plenty of activities

Some events always happen in Hyde Park regardless of the weather conditions. You can come here both in rain and in heat and be sure to come across an event, concert, show, performance or just a meeting. If you want to have fun, experience, avoid loneliness or break boredom, a visit to Hyde Park will always do the trick.

Active recreation

It is not just a place for walks or family picnics. Hyde Park offers a variety of activities: tennis courts, sports fields, cycling, horseback riding, boating and catamarans on Lake Serpentine. One of the English rules: “Do not you know where to have a great time? Go to Hyde Park.” The place is always open, no matter what time of year.

Freedom of speech

One of the symbols of the park is Orator Corner. Brits and foreigners love this place. The peculiarity of this place is that everyone here has the right to express his opinion about the state and government without consequences. Orator Corner was established by decree of the Prime Minister back in 1872, which reminds us of another reason to love Hyde Park: Orator Corner, like other monuments and museums in the park, have historical value for every Englishman.

Hyde Park is a place loved not only by the British, but also by tourists who rest here at any time of year: historical, cultural sights and the beauty of the park attracts foreigners of all kinds. It is one of the symbols of the city, which has earned its reputation and remains an attractive oasis in the middle of bustling London.

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