Why author’s tours are better than ordinary excursions

author's tours

Tourism is constantly evolving. Today travel is becoming an integral part of life or a source of income for many. Author’s tours are an example of combining tourism as a way of life and means of living. What is it, and should you trust this type of educational recreation?

What are the Author’s Excursions

Some people, whose life is connected with traveling, an independent study of cultures of other countries, are ready to share the accumulated knowledge, experience. For this purpose, they offer individual tourist travels. Some authors specialize in hiking, extreme recreation, others – on trips to exotic countries. There are hundreds of variants, depending on the wishes of the vacationer.

Source of income

Specialists who offer excursions or hiking services do business on it. Sometimes it is the only way for authors to earn, so they carefully follow the feedback, trying to offer more exotic options. The competitive environment is constantly growing, so it is necessary to have a positive reputation. Authors follow the changes in tourism, trying to keep up with the times. That is why it is not hard to find a tour that will be entertaining for you. A regular excursion may not improve its program for years.

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The information guides give more like a history book or encyclopedia. Author’s tourist travels assume the story from a different point of view and own experience. Dry facts are on Wikipedia. The author is interested in making the journey interesting, different from the usual, and answer all your questions. You can also ask questions during a group visit, but the guide may give a short answer because of the time limit.

Change the route

The author offers a route according to your wishes. In this case, he is ready to offer additional options. Only the traveler chooses a suitable composition of the trip and has the right to refuse unnecessary services. A standard excursion is a permanent set of places that tourists visit. To deviate from the route means to break the order of the group, the schedule for the day. A personal author often welcomes diversity in the trip.


The standard tour listed strictly by time. If you are late, you risk missing your trip. The time allocated for a traditional educational tour is limited. When you are on an author’s trip, you agree on the date and time. Individual excursion does not need to be coordinated with the administration of the museum, park, historical place, so you can choose a convenient time.

Author’s excursions are gaining popularity every year. More people are willing to make an unusual journey according to their wishes. The number of authors who are ready to amaze, tell, show what you will not see on a regular tour is also increasing. Do you want a memorable cultural vacation? Ask for individual tour guides.

If you still choose the usual excursions and do not feel like an experienced traveler, read our tips for beginners.

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