Countries with Similar Flags: Which Countries You Can Easily Confuse

Countries with Similar Flags

Despite the presence of many different colors and geometric variations, there are many countries with similar flags that can easily confuse. Often this similarity is due to a common historical past, although there are countries with similar flags located in different parts of the world, which have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Let’s take a closer look at which countries have the same flag and how not to get confused.

Countries with Identical Flags

Luxembourg Flag vs Netherlands Flag

The red-white-blue flag of Luxembourg was introduced in 1972, but due to its similarity to the flag of the Netherlands in 1992, its blue stripe was changed to a lighter one. Despite this, many believe that it was not enough to clearly distinguish the flag of Luxembourg from the flag of the Netherlands.

Monaco vs Indonesia Flag

Many factors distinguish Monaco and Indonesia. However, these very different countries have similar flags. Their national flag designs consist of double stripes, white and red. The main difference between the flags lies in their respective sizes: the Indonesian flag has a 2: 3 ratio and the Monaco flag has a 4: 5 ratio. By the way, one European country has a similar flag. While the flags of Monaco and Indonesia have red and white stripes at the top and bottom, respectively, this is very reminiscent of the Poland flag upside down.

Mali and the Republic of Guinea

The flags of these states have red, yellow, and green colors characteristic of some African countries. The main thing is not to get confused about the location of the stripes, and then you can easily distinguish them. The Mali flag has the following arrangement: green, gold, and red. On the flag of the Republic of Guinea, red and green are reversed.

Australia Flag vs New Zealand

Even a fan of astronomy and constellations can hardly distinguish the flags of Australia and New Zealand because they differ only in the presence of different combinations of stars. The flag is based on the naval flag of Great Britain – the former metropolis and modern state, which stands at the head of the union uniting the former colonies. The flag of New Zealand depicts the constellation Southern Cross, as does the Australian one. The only difference is that in the Australian version, the constellation is represented by five stars, and is also complemented by a star under the British flag.

Haiti and Liechtenstein Flag

Until 1936, Haiti and Liechtenstein were two countries that had the same flags. Both flags feature a two-color red and blue stripe. This was only noticed after the two countries met at the Olympics in 1936. Liechtenstein then added a crown stamp to its flag.

Italian Flag vs Mexican Flag

The Italian flag consists of three vertical stripes of equal width. Its simplicity and grace undoubtedly please Italians. Public abuse of the country’s national flag is punishable by a fine of 5,000 to 10,000 euros. The flags of some countries are very similar to Italian, Mexico is a prime example. The flags of Mexico and Italy are often confused with each other. Their coloring is identical, but Mexico has a coat of arms in the center, which is not always used. Less commonly, confusion arises between the flag of Italy and Ireland. The difference between them is in the color of the last stripe: red – in Italy, orange – in Ireland.

Belgian Flag vs German Flag

At first glance, it may seem that the flag of Belgium looks like Germany and they can be easily confused. Indeed, the flags of Belgium and Germany have stripes of the same colors – black, yellow, and red. However, on the German flag, they are horizontal, and on the Belgian flag, they are vertical.

Romania Flag vs Chad Flag

The flags of Romania and Chad are identical except for the blue stripe on the left, which is slightly darker in the Chadian flag. Romania has used a similar flag since 1866, and it first appeared in Wallachia in 1848. In 1960, Chad began using its current flag after gaining independence from France.

In Which Countries Do the Flag Color Include Red, Blue, and White?

If you are worried that you are constantly confusing Slovenia and Slovakia flags, then do not despair: you are not alone! Their flags look almost the same – horizontal red, blue and white stripes. The only difference is the coat of arms, which in both cases is located on the left side. These colors are also used on the flags of France and Russia, only in different shapes and shades. In general, this color combination is quite popular. If you are thinking about how many countries’ flags are red, white, and blue, then the answer may surprise you. Twenty-nine countries use these three colors in their national flag!

Ecuador Flag vs Colombia Flag

The flag of Ecuador looks like the Colombian one, but there is still a difference between them. It differs from the Colombian flag in proportions (1: 2 instead of 2: 3). Since 1900, the coat of arms of Ecuador has been placed on the official flag. According to the vexillological interpretation, the yellow stripe symbolizes gold and other natural resources, blue – the sea and sky, red – blood.

Thailand Flag vs Costa Rica Flag

The flag of Thailand is similar to the flag of Costa Rica, the difference is that the blue and red colors are inverted. However, the meanings of the colors on the Costa Rican flag are different.

Ivory Coast Flag vs Irish Flag

These two flags have the same colors, but their position is different. For example, the Ireland flag goes green-white-orange from left to right, while the Ivory Coast flag is orange-white-green.

Tunisia Flag Looks like Turkey

It differs from the flag of Turkey in the white circle in the center of the flag in which the crescent and star are depicted. On the Turkish flag, there is no white circle, and the crescent and star are depicted in white on a red background.

Scandinavian Cross Flag

The Scandinavian cross flag, also known as the Nordic cross flag, is widely known as the symbol of the Nordic region. For example, the flag of Iceland and Norway is often confused. But the difference between them is that the red color and blue one are reversed. Those who are especially attentive may also notice that the flags of Denmark and Finland also look like the Norwegian flag. So, the Norwegian flag differs from the Danish one in that there is a dark blue cross on top of a white cross. And the flag of Sweden is a yellow cross on a blue background.

Flag of Cuba and Philippines

The flag of Cuba may appear similar to the flag of the Philippines. The flag of Cuba consists of three blue stripes representing the parts into which the island was divided. Two white stripes symbolizing independence; and a red triangle, symbolizing equality, freedom, and brotherhood, in the center of which stands a lonely, five-pointed star, as a symbol of absolute freedom among other nations. A similar flag of the Philippines consists of a white triangle, which encloses the sun and stars, and two stripes – blue and red. This is the only national flag that has two equal options: in peacetime, the blue stripe is at the top, and the red at the bottom, and when the Philippines is at war, then vice versa.

Uruguay vs Argentina

It would seem, is there really a flag that looks like the Argentina one, given its unusual appearance? How about Uruguay? Its flag is very similar to that of Argentina, as Uruguay was part of Argentina before independence. Here are just the four blue stripes and five white stripes on the Uruguayan flag, while the Argentina flag has only two blue stripes and one white.

Flag That Looks like the American Flag

The national flag of Liberia resembles the flag of the United States and consists of 11 stripes (6 red and 5 white) and a blue field with a white star. Eleven stripes represent eleven signatures on the declaration of independence, with red symbolizing courage, and white – moral principles.

Flag That Looks like the Jamaican Flag

The flag of Jamaica has two diagonal yellow lines forming a cross on the flag that divides it into four parts. The top and bottom sections of the same size are green triangles, and the left and right sections of the same size are black triangles. The original design of the flag was similar to that of Tanganyika, which is now part of Tanzania.

Which Country Flag Is Similar to the Indian Flag

The flag of Nigeria is similar to the flag of India, although the ratio, shade of orange, and the symbol in the center are different.

Flags Similar to Texas

The Texas flag is similar to that of Chile, first used in 1817. However, the Chilean flag depicts a blue canton with a white star, not the entire left side is blue. The red bottom stripe starts below the canton.

Interesting Fact

Due to the asymmetric design of the British flag, there is a correct and incorrect position, that is, it can be hung upside down or backward. The British flag hanging upside down is discouraged and considered an insult to the monarch. The only exception for the reversed flag is the distress signal. Therefore, every Briton knows how to place the Union Jack on the flagpole. On the side that is closer to the shaft, the white lines of the oblique cross should be wider above the red lines of the oblique cross, and under them, on the contrary, narrower. Take a closer look at the design of the flag to catch this difference.

As you can see, in many countries the flags look the same. They are easy to confuse and difficult to remember. If you want to understand them as good as possible, then it is better to look closely at the small details, such as coats of arms, stars, and various geometric shapes. They can be the best clue for you. When traveling to another country, treat the other flag with respect if you do not want to offend the locals or get a big fine.

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