Which purchases are most often regretted after vacation


Any tourist wants to spend money on pleasant things on a trip or to bring home memorable vacation souvenirs. People on vacation strive to get the most out of their voyage, but vacation shopping that seemed so successful does not always bring the expected joy. Some expenses will disappoint you when you return home.

How to bring home a piece of your experience while still being reasonable? Here are some useful tips for those who want to spend money on traveling but avoid overshopping.

Clothes and shoes

Shopping for vacation clothes has its unique features in each country. In Italy, for example, tourists should visit major shopping centers rather than boutique shops. They are in all major cities of the country, including Milan, Rome, and Naples. Shopping centers have lower prices than boutiques, and the assortment is fuller. Also, malls are more willing to offer great discounts during sales.

Go to Greece, if you are interested in winter things made of natural fur. This southern country is the leading European center for the production of fur products. However, it is better to buy mink fur coats directly from factories than from shops. Most of them are in the small town of Castoria. It is located in the northern part of the country, surrounded by picturesque mountains. In Kastoria, you can buy fur products for all tastes and at reasonable prices.

The most profitable vacation shopping is in the outlet in Spain. There are especially many in Barcelona, which is the Spanish shopping mecca.

However, in most cases, clothes are extra luggage. T-shirts with catchy inscriptions and national costumes are cheap, but wearing them in everyday life is most often inappropriate. Shopping in large clothing brands is often regrettable because international companies can be found at home at the same price.

Vacation souvenirs


Have you heard the stories of people on vacation who never buy anything in souvenir shops, but suddenly some knickknack gets in the soul, and it is impossible not to buy it? A pomegranate-shaped vase from Georgia, ancient candlesticks from a street vendor in Israel, an enormous wooden giraffe from South Africa, paintings from the Dominican Republic, or essential oils in glass perfume bottles in Egypt – all these things become part of the story of a particular journey.

Of course, a box or piggy bank could come in handy. However, statuettes, teddy toys, souvenir plates, and other knickknacks are often useless. In most cases, the purchased item only collects dust. Such souvenirs are worth a lot of space and weigh the suitcase.

Perhaps one of the main tips is not to think that you will not return to this country or city. If you liked it, then returning there after a while will be a kind of “souvenir” from such a trip and a great tradition. And you can always order stuff online.



Buying a sightseeing tour in a hotel or a special place may seem like a great decision, but there are reasons why it is not suitable for everyone.

Firstly, if your goal is to see the city and not advertising shops, then this option is eliminated immediately. Well, you will walk through the program of the tour, but you will not be able to admire the views for a long time, because it is necessary to go to another store, which inadvertently you will offer “local souvenirs.

Secondly, this is a group tour, which means another 15-30 people will be with you. People on vacation are all different: someone likes to talk, someone prefers to listen to the guide, and someone to ask him questions, someone more pleasant in the company of strangers, and someone feels discomfort.

It is often effortless, more convenient, and cheaper to get to the place and see the site on your own.


Attractive refrigerators in hotel rooms filled with all kinds of delicacies. Leaving the hotel, travelers realize that the same drinks and delicious little things are much cheaper in the nearest supermarket.

Many hotels showcase their products in equipped trays to attract customers’ attention. The advanced system with sensors under each item will record their value to your account as soon as you take something.

This technology is far from perfect and quite often leads to unnecessary spending. Anyway, customers should always check their accounts for extra purchases.

Some hotel owners were not impressed by these arguments, and they continue to equip their rooms with refrigerators. It is quite clear that the era of mini-bars in the hotel business is coming to an end.



A lot of stereotypes have accumulated around Duty-Free: the cheapest alcohol, perfume, cosmetics from expensive brands. For most tourists, the magic word combination Duty-Free is synonymous with a budget and very high-quality shopping. But is it so?

The most popular products in Duty-Free are subject to duties in the usual shops. Mostly they are tobacco, alcohol, and perfume. Almost everybody thinks that in Duty-Free prices are lower than in official shops, but they are not. Duty-free shops are only exempt from some taxes, with taxes on profits, employees’ wages, and so on. Also, the difference in duties can be eaten by expensive rentals of space at the airport. And some sellers also want to earn more and take advantage of their monopoly position, forcing you to overshopping.

The opinion that Duty-Free is much cheaper than an ordinary store is often a mistake. Prices for some categories of goods are indeed lower, but it is worth studying the pricing policy in advance in order not to get caught in a common ruse. It happens that buying online or in a store near your home is much more profitable than Duty-Free.

To do shopping at Duty-Free beneficial, it is worth remembering which airports have lower prices. Spain, Turkey, Egypt, and Vietnam are the leaders in this matter. It is better to buy tobacco products in Ukraine, and jewelry – in the Middle East.

Travel is always a pile of amazing stories and memorable moments, there is a barely need for vacation souvenirs. Perhaps it is better to give more time to people and places, rather than a shopping vacation.

Of course, there is no need to give up pleasant little things and desirable purchases. But to think in advance, whether this or that thing isn’t unnecessary expenses. After all, it is better to bring only positive impressions from the long-awaited trip.

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