Where to Travel during COVID-19: The Best Places Open to Tourists during a Pandemic

where to visit during covid

Unfortunately, travel is now quite difficult. Despite this, some countries are beginning to slowly open their borders, and travel this year sounds not like a dream, but as a quite realistic plan. We understand that over the past year, everyone has grown tired of confusion, anxieties, and prohibitions. Our article is to help you decide whether to go on a vacation abroad and where to travel safely during COVID-19.

How to Travel Safely during COVID-19

Although countries are opening their borders and easing quarantine measures for tourists, many doubts remain. The question is how to travel during COVID-19 and is it safe now.

The answer to this question depends on many factors, first, the way you will travel (by plane, train, or something else), current statistics on cases of infection, quarantine measures.

For example, companies are introducing flexible rules for canceling or postponing tickets, closing some terminals to maximize security for customers in a pandemic. You have probably noticed that the number of various cafés and shops at the airport has decreased, some of them work only for take-out. Temperatures are now measured at every step of anyone, no matter if it is a passenger, an accompanying person, or a crew. Often they even check several times, for example, just before boarding a flight. The rules of social distance are also observed everywhere. For example, companies place passengers farther from each other, both at the airport and on the board of the aircraft, and rebuild the queuing system so that passengers are at a safe distance from each other.

Masks and sometimes other personal protective equipment are required on public transport, taxis, terminals, and during the entire flight.

Thus, companies will take care of your safety, you are only required to carry out all the quarantine measures responsibly. We have found out how to travel during COVID-19, let’s talk about what to visit during COVID-19.

Where Is It Safe to Travel during COVID-19

honeymoon destinations during covid


If you are looking for interesting honeymoon destinations during COVID-19, why not check out Greece? At the end of April this year, Greece announced that it would be open this summer to American and other foreign travelers, but only to those who have received a vaccination or provided a negative test that has been done for at least 72 hours. The only thing is that you can have an exciting time only on some Greek islands since in most of the country there is still a curfew, and it will be problematic to walk down the street.


places to travel during covid 19

Speaking about where to travel during COVID-19, we could not fail to mention this country, since today there are not so many restrictions in force here. Please note that land borders are still limited, but you can easily get here by plane. You do not need to have a negative test result with you, but as the information changes quickly, we advise you to check all the requirements before flying.

Puerto Vallarta

best places to travel during covid 19

This Pacific Ocean resort is a great place to travel during COVID-19. This former fishing village is today a historic center with many comfortable hotels and one of the best places to travel during COVID-19. During quarantine, we recommend you book hotels in advance.


how to travel during covid

If you are looking for where to travel in the USA during COVID-19, then California is exactly what you need. There is a lot to visit here. If you love an active holiday, you can wander through the National Park, enjoying nature, or lie on the coast in the warm California sun. If you are tired of the bustle of the city and want solitude with nature, then how about an isolated fairy tale hut where you can live and relax. For such an experience, you can head to the Steep Ravine, north of San Francisco. Don’t worry, these are safe places to travel during Covid-19.


where to travel during covid 19

Of course, we could not fail to mention Hawaii on our list of where to travel during Covid-19. But keep in mind that you will have to comply with a strict 14-day quarantine upon arrival. If this does not scare you, it is time to pack your bags as this is where you can travel during COVID-19 without any problems.


where to travel in us during covid

Thinking about where I can travel during COVID-19, pay attention to Jamaica. As you know, Jamaica is home to countless beautiful sandy beaches and great beach resorts where you can have a good rest. It is undoubtedly the place that you can visit during Covid-19. As a nice bonus: quite a few people here speak English fluently, so you won’t have any communication problems here. Although Jamaica is a great place where you can travel to during COVID-19, you cannot get there without a negative test result. Please take care of this in advance and have the test done at least 10 days before arrival.

The Bahamas

how to travel safely during covid

If you love nature in all its manifestations, then the Bahamas is exactly the place where you can travel during COVID-19. The local island resorts will amaze the imagination of even seasoned tourists. The most famous places are Nassau and Paradise Island, where the Atlantis Resort, beloved by many tourists, is located. Tourists from all over the world come here annually to sunbathe on the Caribbean coast and enjoy the incredible nature. This is exactly the place where you can travel during COVID-19, but only if you have a negative test result.

Thus, it is quite possible to travel today during quarantine, if you follow the necessary rules. Unfortunately, the situation is still not stable, so if you decide to go somewhere, be sure to check all the relevant information! In any case, countries are slowly beginning to open their borders and soften quarantine measures for tourists, and, as you may have noticed, in many countries it is no longer necessary to be for 2 weeks in isolation, and only a negative test result is enough, so you will definitely find a place to your liking where you will spend an unforgettable vacation!

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