Where are the Mayan temples?


Who has never wanted to go on an adventure to the lost temples of Mexico, like Indiana Jones to discover a culture that is fading with the passage of time. Mayan temples were an important symbol for this Mesoamerican civilization. Indeed, they were a sacred gathering place where theaters were played which aimed to elect the sovereign. The architecture of these temples was built to reflect their idea of ​​the cosmos. The ancient Maya temples are often recognized for their architectural aesthetics which still fascinate our contemporary times by their detail and their originality. In addition, the Aztec temples location is usually located right in the heart of nature, which adds a natural beauty to them. In the rest of this article, we invite you to discover the most famous Mayan ruins in Mexico. We have made for you a unique selection of all famous Aztec temples that you absolutely must visit during your stay.

Famous Mayan ruins

most famous mayan ruins

Chichén Itzá/ K’uk’ulkan

From all the largest Mayan ruins, Chichén Itzá is probably the unmissable place to visit and whose uniqueness lies in the unique harmony that the site offers. Indeed, these ancient Mayan pyramids were built with an astronomical meaning, the main pyramid of which, the pyramid of Castillo, is a gathering place during the spring and autumn equinoxes. This pyramid has 4 faces with 4 staircases of 91 steps which personify the summit steps, the 365 days of the year. During these two days. Crowds gather to observe the play of light and shadow of the nine superimposed terraces. They are then projected onto the north staircase in the image of a long body undulating in the axis of the head of the Feathered Serpent. These Mayan temple names changed to become K’uk’ulkan, in the name of a protective and demanding deity.

By visiting this famous Mayan temple, you will discover 13 ball games including one measuring 169 m by 70 which makes it the largest in Meso-America. It is surrounded by walls nearly 8 meters high with serpent rings. You will also discover reliefs depicting players being beheaded. Further on you can also go to the tzompantli which was the place that collected the skulls of the losers before being immolated there.

To end this visit in the heart of the Mayan culture, the Guerrier temple stands with large columns, a staircase guarded by two enormous snakes. At the top, a Chac Mool statue featuring a man lying on his back putting his stomach forward in anticipation of his upcoming sacrifice. After this visit to the center of the dark practices of offering and sacrifice, The Observatory of El Caracol (circular) recalls to him the passion for astronomy that was very present among the Mayans


famous mayan city

The power of Chichén Itzá did not last and the relief was taken up 50 km west with the famous Mayan pyramids, called Mayapan. Several archaeological theories speak of it as a place of a rebirth of the Mayan culture which was evolving in a new direction. Although the cult of K’uk’ulkan migrates to this new capital, we find a copy of Castillo with again an observatory giving a breathtaking view of the site. The places are less crowded and charming as if the times hadn’t changed. The visit will be more breathtaking for you thanks to its location than to its size unlike the previous temple. This famous Mayan city dominates the turquoise waters at the edge of a white sand beach surrounded by rocky cliffs.

It was an important place of exchange connected to the port of Tulum where traders from all over the Mayan world and beyond met, coming by sea or by land. To protect themselves, a double wall stands with 4 meters high and 6 meters thick.


famous mayan pyramids

If you want to get lost in the heart of the Mayan heyday after the classical period, you will have to get closer to Guatemala in a natural and forest region. You will have to take a big road through the forest to discover one of the largest mayan temple. You will have the opportunity to discover Kohunlich, a large pyramid with 6 stucco masks of the sun god K’inich Ajaw, Xpuhil. Likewise, there stands its edifice with three towers, the great Becán. It was the place where the supreme god Itzamná opens a giant mouth on Structure II. The architecture of this city is particular and recognized for having rounded angles and ornate staircases.

Taking a rather muddy road and made for the adventurous only, Hormiguero is located at the end of the world. This as the largest of the ruined buildings continues an ornate facade, the door of which symbolically opens onto the underworld, the Mayan hell.

If you head further west, you walk through a site called Balamku which was discovered in 1991. There is still an upper pyramid with a large 15 meters long fresco. They would represent the jaws of the monsters of the Earth.

To discover the most famous sites of this ancient city, you will have to go 65 km to the south. You will eventually arrive at Calakmul which is a representation of the heart of the Serpent Head realm and Tikal’s nemesis. This city is the most powerful of the classical Mayan era and more than 50,000 inhabitants lived there at the time. Many of the ornaments have disappeared but still some ruins are visible. In addition, the shows of the monkeys who still live in the middle of the ruins will entertain you in a comic way. To reach the top of the pyramid, you will have to walk about 55 meters of vertical drop but the view will be breathtaking.

famous mayan temple

In this article, we have made a selection of the most beautiful Mayan temples to discover. The history and past of civilization is dense and fascinating. We therefore recommend that you take a closer look at it before going there or take a guide when you arrive. You will be fascinated by the past of this civilization whose architecture bears witness to the culture. Indeed, as mentioned in this article, each pyramid represents an element of the culture with corresponding symbols to decorate the building. Once you’ve taken the time to learn more about the Mayan culture, all of this architecture will take on a whole new meaning that will fascinate you all the more.

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