What to do in Chattanooga, Tennessee?


In this article, we will talk about a small but very proud city in the south of Tennessee. Despite a population of only about 200 thousand people, there are many fun things to do in Chattanooga. The city has its historical heritage and an impressive present. Here you can find some of the most unique objects in the world. The largest freshwater aquarium, the largest pedestrian bridge, and the oldest national park. So if you are still wondering what to do in Chattanooga, you are a resident or know nothing about this amazing place at all. Let’s focus on the most interesting sights.

Tennessee Aquarium

tennesee aquarium

Not sure about stuff to do in Chattanooga? First of all, go to the Aquarium. It is not just a fishbowl, as you might think. Tennessee Aquarium has a “River Journey” sign for the reason — it is the world’s largest exposition dedicated to river life. You will find halls that reflect the underwater life of the most important freshwater ecosystems in the world: Nile, Amazon, Danube, and others. The Tennessee River Aquarium is stylized as a river port with garbage and shipwrecks on the bottom. The animal world here is represented not only by fish but also by crocodiles, rays, and even butterflies.

This facility also has its second building that represents sea life. It features the world’s seas and oceans. Even the whole day is hardly enough for you to see everything here. So take the time to get lost here as long as possible. All the reserves are well planned and organized, so the visit takes place in one breath. It will be a great pastime for the whole family and especially for children. The impressions of the walks on the ocean floor will last a lifetime.

Lookout Mountain

lookout mountain

The next of Chattanooga’s things to do is visiting the oldest national park. It is a very well-groomed and pleasant place. At the entrance, you will get a map with three types of routes: green, yellow, and red, depending on the complexity. Green trails do not imply descents and ascents at all and are ideal for kids or aged people.

All the others will find a variety of landscapes in the park: hills, gorges, and suspension bridges to overcome the abysses. There is also a unique ropeway with an almost vertical lift. The real pearl of the park is Lookout Mountain, where you can see seven states if you believe the sign. To do this, you need to have perfect eyesight and weather conditions.

After sunset, you don’t need to think about stuff to do in Chattanooga – the park turns into a real Disneyland. Numerous pads turn ordinary caves into a home of fairytale characters, and all this beauty fascinates even adults. Lookout Mountain is the pride of the city, which cannot be missed.

Walnut Street Bridge

wallnut bridge

At one time, the old town of Chattanooga was divided by the river into two completely different parts. At the end of the 19th century, the Walnut Street Bridge began to correct this racial segregation. Since then, it has had the opportunity to act as a lynching place and a road. A hundred years after its opening, the bridge was completely closed to traffic, and thus it became the largest pedestrian bridge in the world.

The length of the structure exceeds 700 meters, and it is an ideal place for a leisurely family walk or a romantic date to the accompaniment of street guitarists. Night on the bridge is a charming view of the city lights reflecting on the water. To visit this place is one of the main things to do in Chattanooga.

There are many other things that is Chattanooga known for, but we want to encourage you to explore it on your own. It may not be the largest city in the U.S. that does not brag about skyscrapers or the ocean, but it has its character and coziness. It may not be the most famous place outside the states, but everyone who lives in the country has the opportunity to visit a small city on the weekends and get a lot of impressions. Everyone will find something to do in Chattanooga: from a historical tour to crazy photos on Instagram. We recommend you to visit this place!

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