What should not you miss in Ibiza?


The capital of the club culture of the planet lives in a flow of unique energy vibrations, and twice a year – during the opening and closing of the season – the legendary Ibiza island experiences a real boom. End of September – the beginning of October is the time of “closing parties” of the main things to do in Ibiza. It is an excellent opportunity to go to the island of love and freedom, where the paradoxical mix of luxury formats and budget adventures for true cosmopolitans creates an atmosphere of respectable Cote d’Azur and underground Goa at the same time.

Ibiza attractions have traditionally been considered must-see places for the most fashionable and energetic people. Everyone will find what to do in Ibiza shores. We’ve made up the top 10 must-see locations that can bring you closer to understanding the island’s philosophy. We follow the route of the places what should you not miss in Ibiza that guarantee an experiential change of consciousness!


ushuaia ibiza

Friday and Saturday parties are almost unnoticed in Ibiza because all the fun can happen to you on any day of the week. The world’s best DJs are waiting for you at the Ushuaia Club Hotel. The big event takes place in the open air, while planes lands above your head. The most awesome thing is that the award-winning hotel becomes the best club site on the island for a few hours, from 4 pm until midnight. No one ever goes to bed at midnight in Ibiza, so you don’t have to worry about the peace of mind of the hotel guests – they usually use their balconies as a VIP-zone with great pleasure.

You can book a table in one of The Ushuaïa Club’s elegant restaurants to create an oasis of relaxation overlooking the euphoric crowds. For example, the Japanese eatery Minami, where a minimalist oriental interior with bamboo mirroring in the water, creates an atmosphere of absolute Zen. The best rolls in Ibiza and signature creative ‘nouvelle cuisine’ options such as the tender cod in carrot sauce will satisfy the most refined gourmets. Booking a table for 20.00-21.00 will bring you to the epicenter of the club movement. Here you can watch Ushuaia’s signature parties from the terrace or through the glass walls. Everything stops at midnight – Ushuaia is considered a place for daytime parties, so when you start to catch the right wave of approaching night, you need to look for a continuation. The most obvious option is the roof of a nearby hotel called Ushuaia Tower, where the only roof party on the island is.


blue marlin ibiza

It is not the most budget option for discerning guests on the Ibiza island. The legendary Blue Marlin Ibiza is more than just a beach club. It is located in one of the most fashionable areas of Ibiza. Blue Marlin offers all 33 pleasures: you can spend the whole day from dawn to dusk, changing your consciousness more and more. Delicious breakfasts and lunches at noon, a glass of icy rose listening to the best DJ sets for brunch as well as sun and sea beach on white sunbeds, tents, and sofas for several hundred euros.

In the evening you’ll be ready for a big swim – the heated public dancing on the sofas and dance floor. Despite the premium look, it is always crowded – many want to taste the glamorous life. Perfect service and the freshest seafood dispose you to go wild. The best people dance beside each other – world-class stars like Zidane and Banderas are among the guests.


Hacienda Na Xamena

The Hacienda Na Xamena 5* is the most unusual and refined hotel in Ibiza. The oldest luxury hotel on the Ibiza island has been the main point of a respectable holiday for a long time. Don’t expect the familiar formats with vibrant streams of musical euphoria from night to morning – this is another Ibiza activities.

An oasis of peace, pristine beauty, eco-traditions, and unprecedented elegance, the hotel is a unique space with hundreds of meters of terraces and chill outs of different calibers on a huge rock that rises above the smooth of a beautiful bay. This place offers a bohemian style, restrained luxury with oriental accents in the interior with arches and galleries, luxurious cascades of thermal pools, and Jacuzzi at 180 meters above sea level. The fascinating location of the hotel in a dense pine forest on the edge of the cliff attracts star guests, whose names are strictly secret here.


The club, cafeteria, and Cabaret Lio is an award-winning project from the creators of Pacha, the most luxurious place in Ibiza Town harbor. The boats arriving at the marina during the show are a typical Lio target audience. A more “democratic” audience: man drinking Dom Pérignon and their companions driving sports cars. The bar-restaurant turns into a cabaret restaurant closer to midnight, the quality of its enchanting performances impresses even the most brilliant audience.

All elements of the show are at the highest level. Provocative sexuality is the signature feature of daring performances. A luxurious swimming pool turning into a stage as an entourage, several levels of flooded neon space, views of the Old Town, and moored yachts. The feeling of classic sweet life vibrates in the air here – most of the photos from Lio’s Instagram are enthusiastically greeted by the comments “Life is good”!


pacha ibiza

The legendary Pacha brand is considered commercial, which does not prevent it from being the most successful club project in the world. Scarlet Cherries is the brand’s remarkable symbol, which is on millions of souvenir products. Music is a mixture of house, techno, and electronics in an atmosphere of glamour. It is the formula for PACHA’s success. Several dance floors, an extensive VIP area, a bar, dancers – all together set the standards that work in the concept of many club formats today. The club divided into several zones for music lovers of different genres: Zenith trance zone, Funky room for fans of light music, soul and funk, and the main dance floor, where is the central musical program every night. It is a venue for top DJs of the world – Sebastian Gamboa, Paul Oakenfold, David Morales, John Digweed, Fritz Kalkbrenner, and others.

Pacha’s signature party is Flower Power – a global retro story in the style of ’60-’70s, always with a full house. Here John Lennon and Yoko Ono swim into the crowd, dancers shower the guests with petals, and a stylized show suggests a formal dress code – flowers on each of the present. By the way, Pacha is the only club that does not close even after the “closing season” – parties here rattle even in winter.


nikki beach

The famous VIP beach club chain Nikki Beach has finally arrived in Ibiza, which called the “new Saint-Tropez” today. Luxury, luxury, and glamour naturally integrated into the realities of the island of freedom. Several successful projects that stretch from Miami to Thailand already exist under the brand name Nikki beach. The Ibiza project is the ninth in the world. The appearance of the trendy brand on Ibiza proved to be a very logical decision. Premium secular formats are experiencing an unprecedented rise here today.

Glamorous parties in an atmosphere of respectable luxury are a refuge for VIPs and celebrities from all over the world. The picturesque location surrounded by pine trees on the beautiful Santa Eulalia beach offers relaxation and peace. Nikki Beach also offers its visitors culinary masterpieces: fresh seafood, sushi, and international salads.

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old city in ibiza

Ibiza, being the most dynamic place in the world, does not lose its historical charm. Although most people associate the island with club parties, this land has a rich historical heritage. The most significant attraction of the Ibiza island is one of the main monuments of the Middle Ages in the world – the Old Town.

The city of Ibiza was founded by the Carthaginians 2500 years ago. It is located on a hilltop, surrounded by ancient fortresses, one of which is on the UNESCO Heritage List. All this medieval beauty today serves as an entourage for shops and souvenir shops in a labyrinth of narrow streets.


cafe del mar

The San Antonio waterfront is world-famous for its sunsets. Cafe del Mar is right here among other coastal cafes and bars. Watching the sun go down is a favorite pastime for Ibiza. The tradition of watching sunsets is a stunning performance. Hundreds of spectators at Cafe del Mar applaud the sun with chillout music and a glass of fragrant sangria.

DJs enhance the perception of a simple natural phenomenon with music, culminating at the moment when the sun falls over the horizon line. The beauty of the moment has resonated in the hearts of the public, and thanks to this, Cafe del Mar is today a successful brand that produces music collections that reflect the signature “sunset mood” in musical genres of ambient and easy listening.


hippie culture

The hippie culture, the atmosphere of democratic acceptance of all circumstances, and primordial simplicity is a unique philosophy for Ibiza. Pure positivity and a desire to deny material values become a condition for getting into the hangout. The realities of local life: nudist beaches, symbolic meetings of sunsets to the sound of drums, and stupefying scents of the peace pipes of the peace are an echo of unbelievable freedom.

If you find the euphoria to explore Ibiza’s hippie parties too vividly, you can feel the flavor of the island’s most important culture by visiting one of the many hippie markets. Colorful markets selling clothes, souvenirs, ceramics, books, amazing hand-made things, and rare vintage pieces bring energy to the island. Most of the classic hippie markets working at night. The whole process accompanied by live music concerts and continuous communication. These camps located in almost every district of Ibiza, with the oldest hippie market being Las Dalias in the village of Sant Carles and Punta Arabi in the province of Es Canar.


Restaurant Bambuddha Groove is a great Pan-Asian cuisine in all flavors of the East. The interior of the restaurant is a luxury in tropical bamboo thickets, where the eclectic interior of Buddha temple decorated with a huge classic chandelier. Oriental taste manifested in tents, spicy aromas, stone sculptures, author’s cuisine, and cocktails with sexy notes. An assortment of desserts melting in the mouth is ordered for two here. These treats are called sexually provocatively, for example: “Group Orgasm”. There are indeed many “orgasms” here – aesthetic, gastronomic, and ordinary – the main sex shop of Ibiza is also located here, in the walls of the restaurant.

If you don’t want parties but only the beach, Spain has some of the best things to offer.

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