What is inappropriate to ask in different countries?

inappropriate to ask

A tourist can get into an uncomfortable situation even with perfect knowledge of the language of the country. It is worth avoiding unpleasant subjects for locals. Every country has its own kind of taboo:


Tolerance and equality reign in the northern country. Asking about the price of a purchased item is indecent in Norway. It is also not customary to ask about the salary. Questions about the attitude towards religion are unacceptable.


The interlocutors will never know each other’s health details. All you have to do is ask them as a courtesy if they are doing well. People do not talk about diseases and ailments in Switzerland. The Swiss perceive overly insistent questions as an invasion of their privacy.

The Austrians find it bad to talk about the cost of clothing and holidays. People are also not interested in politics in Austria. It is rude to ask an interlocutor which candidate he is voting for.


The Thais do not consider questions about income obscene. They are convinced that an honest man has nothing to hide his salary. However, all questions about the King’s private life are prohibited in Thailand. Over-interest is a crime.


Turks do not hesitate to ask how much family members earn. They are not shy about asking questions about the rent. This is how social status is assessed in Turkey. However, the interest in personal life and relations with the partner will be inappropriate.


Privacy is valued in Foggy Albion. They do not talk about earning money or money at all. Where, what and at what price was bought – these questions are forbidden. Speakers can only discuss money if they have a common business.


Questions about the treatment of migrants and sexual minorities are taboo in France. Only close people can discuss these topics. They are reluctant to talk about family relations. Stereotypical questions about frogs and oysters have already tired local people and will be inappropriate too.


The country had a difficult crisis, so you should not ask the Greeks how they experienced that difficult period. There is no need to joke about long and difficult to pronounce Greek surnames either.


Closed Japanese may be uncomfortable with a number of questions. No one asks about wages or any talk of finance under an implicit ban in Japan. In addition, you should not ask about divorces and adoptions. The interest of most tourists in the Japanese Yakuza causes unpleasant emotions among locals.

It is better to avoid too personal issues that relate to the financial situation, family relations and sexual identity in order not to get into an uncomfortable position in any country. You can have a pleasant conversation with a foreigner without touching sensitive topics.

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