What is a Michelin star?

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Nothing is more renowned for defining the excellence and finesse of restaurant cuisine than its entry in the Michelin star guide. Whether it is to wow your new partner or to celebrate important events with your loved ones, the restaurants from Michelin awards are at the heart of the delicacy of the culinary art. From the welcome to the gastronomy they offer, these links are synonymous with elegance via the exaltation of the senses, something to come out of speechless. How did a magazine specializing in pneumonia became to be the emblem of high-end cuisine? In the rest of this article, we’ll take you through the impressive story of the birth of this unique and exceptional culinary guide. If you were wondering how the Michelin star rankings work, you will understand all the meanings of these mysterious stars celebrating the art of cooking and finally discover what are Michelin stars.

Where does the Michelin starred food come from?

To be able to better understand the true Michelin star meaning, it is important to understand how this culinary guide came to be. At the time, the Michelin guide was a French magazine offering contact addresses in multiple fields such as hotels, restaurants, but also mechanics and other fields like doctors. People received it free of charge after purchasing a Michelin brand tire. The guide had the intention of allowing the drivers to discover good addresses based in France with new things to discover. It was in 1926 that the Michelin star rating system began to take shape, primarily designating good restaurants by giving them the sign of a star. The success of the star recommendations associated with the in-store restaurant prompted the addition of two stars and three stars. The popularity and success associated with the store’s culinary reviews have allowed the store to expand into several countries. Today, restaurants are rated by experts in gourmet cuisine and have become world-renowned. This, therefore, allows us to open on the next paragraph of this article dealing with how are Michelin stars awarded.

How are Michelin stars awarded?

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Contrary to popular belief, the awarding of Michelins stars is not done through customer ratings but through what are known as Michelins inspectors. The Michelins inspectors are a group of culinary experts whose anonymity is preserved so that they can try the dishes offered by the restaurants. It is necessary to undergo training to be a member of this team. In addition, they are generally people from the restaurant industry or know the culinary field extremely well. Inspections are usually done at random, and dishes are usually tasted 3 to 6 times before a rating is assigned. The attribution of results is made in the All-Star session after the inspectors and the editors have come to an agreement. Ratings are given to the restaurants and not to the chef. This means that a chef who is in charge of several restaurants can obtain different ratings and more than 3 Michelin stars.

How to get a Michelin star?

michelin star rankings

To obtain a Michelin star, restaurants must meet the five cuisine criteria expected by the guide. Namely, it is only the cuisine that is noted and not the atmosphere or the decoration of the restaurant. It is possible for Michelins inspectors to note these aspects but this will not be taken into account as the main element. The culinary criteria tested by the inspectors are as follows and are also available on the official Michelin guide website. However, it is obvious that criteria such as hygiene, harmonization of the dishes offered and menus can be taken into account.

  • The value in regard to the prices
  • The quality of the products
  • Cooking and flavors
  • The originality of the dishes
  • The service

Getting a Michelin star is extremely complicated and a few restaurants will be lucky enough to be in this category. In addition, obtaining Michelin stars does not last forever and restaurants that have been lucky enough to be awarded are regularly tested and can lose their stars at any time if the quality no longer meets expectations. A new award from the Michelin guide called the “Bib Gourmand” also allows smaller restaurateurs to be recognized because you can discover the culinary art even with a small budget.

What does a Michelin star mean?

It is important to know that the number of stars does not have the same meaning in terms of the quality and originality of restaurants. It is therefore currently possible to obtain between one to three Michelins stars whose ratings have different meanings. Restaurants obtaining a Michelin star can be any type of restaurant but with extraordinary cuisine. So even street restaurateurs can get a star as is the case in Tokyo for example. The two-star Michelins restaurants are already more gourmet restaurants with service and cuisine of constant and impressive quality. These are usually restaurants with waiting lists and at higher prices. The three stars are the business of a great chef only and are generally part of the list of the best restaurants in the world. These are truly the restaurants at the height of gastronomy, where you can experience the culinary experience like art to be tasted.

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