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With the arrival of inexpensive means of transport, travel has become popular to become accessible to all but also more and more frequent. As a result, a new definition of what it means to travel and what tourists are looking for has developed alongside this increased access to travel. Today, we no longer travel just to visit loved ones and landscapes, but to live a unique experience that will take us out of our daily comfort. Traveling today is daring to break with our routines and question what we took for granted. More and more, tourists find the pleasure of taking the step of discovery towards new philosophies and visions of what life is about. It is in this new conception of what travel is that strange hotels have become a fashion. Indeed, at the time, weird hotel rooms were places that one tried to avoid and for which one could even feel a sort of contempt or disgust. Thanks to this new movement of thought making travel a time to experience what is unfamiliar to us, the weird hotels in the world have become a place of travel in itself. Thus, we no longer go to a hotel solely for its pragmatic function but in the search for an experience that will push our own limits and that of what we consider normal.

In this article, we will suggest the most unique hotel in the world to discover during your travels. Ranging from the quirky hotels of the world to the most interesting hotels, we offer you a bizarre, unique, and unforgettable selection.

Unique hotels around the world

The Arctic Circle: Ice Hotel

most interesting hotels

For an irresistibly icy experience, this hotel entirely made of natural materials will change your everyday life. Despite the imperial cold of the hotel, the sympathy of the staff will warm your heart. It is 200 km from the edge of the Arctic Circle, more precisely in Jukkasjärvi, in the heart of Swedish Lapland. This hotel is ephemeral indeed because it is only found a few months a year when temperatures permit. Each year, it is therefore rebuilt from scratch, always according to the same plan. Thanks to its construction entirely made of ice and snow, it offers 55 rooms also including various suites. But don’t worry, ice won’t take away all the comforts you usually find in hotels. You will have the opportunity to taste toddlers at the bar or even get married in the church if the cold gets to your head a little too much. Indeed, this icy church has become very popular for weddings, 100% experimental. It usually opens in December after a three-phase construction and closes when the ice melts no longer welcomes visitors. With this original concept, the Arctic Circle is probably one of the most unusual hotels in the world.

Florida: Jules’ Undersea Lodge

most unusual hotels

If you want to experience what it’s like to live at Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Jules Undersea will probably be the best place to do so. Your entry pass to access your room is to have a scuba diving certificate. In order to access your room, you’ll need to don your gear and descend almost 6.5 meters below sea level into the Emerald Lagoon in Key Largo. The hotel was built in a former research laboratory located off the coast of Puerto Rico. Despite its atypical location, the underwater hotel has two bedrooms, a common room, a kitchen, a TV, and 105 cm diameter round windows that allow you to admire the underwater life. If you are not certified, you can still take the PADI and NAUI certification courses offered there, so you can finally relax in this unique hotel.

Dà Lat, Viêtnam: “Crazy house ”

weird hotels in the world

This is a hotel whose name says it all about what you can expect in Dà Lat. This Hang Nga art gallery hotel is affectionately nicknamed “Crazy House” because of its completely whimsical and atypical architecture. Indeed, it is inspired by a painting by Salvador Dali, the visual aspect of which recalls the surrealist universe of dreams. Inside, you will find all types of installations coming out of what we take for granted with stairs made of bongo drums, a bear planted in the middle of a curvy room, a red-eyed kangaroo, etc. . In this hotel, you no longer need to sleep, you just have to walk inside to experience a completely surreal world. The structure is meant to evoke a forest made up of hollow trees. You can climb up its exterior facade to admire the magnificent views. If you are looking for a place to go with your children or to rediscover the whimsical innocence of childhood, the “Crazy House” will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

In this article, we’ve taken you through our top 3 weirdest hotels you can find. With these, you can turn your travels into real places to redefine what is taken for granted. Whether underwater, in ice, or in deep dreams, you will have pushed your limits of what is known to enter a new universe, that of discovery.

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