Vanuatu – the country of the happiest people


The country of the happiest people, Vanuatu, attracts sophisticated travelers with its magnificent scenery, picturesque beaches, and diverse attractions. It is the right place for lovers of diving, scuba diving, and other water activities. A lot of interesting things await visitors for exciting excursions to the different islands of the state. Although the country is not very popular among tourists, there is a well-developed infrastructure — you can safely stay in comfortable hotels and get maximum pleasure from traveling along the coast on comfortable boats.

Some areas of Vanuatu still have a tribal way of life — people are engaged in agriculture, eat only what they grow and produce themselves, do not use money. The citizens are very different from the villagers — their behavior and traditions are largely due to the desire for the European way of life.

Do not limit yourself to one type of entertainment and travel — visit several islands in one holiday! The country consists of 80 islands, and only some of them deserve the most attention of travelers.

Efate Island

It has many picturesque rivers, beautiful waterfalls, and magnificent scenic beaches. Rest on the ocean is easily combined with a trip to the natural beauty. A lot of interesting awaits vacationers in the capital city – Port Vila. Here we recommend you to visit the National Museum, the only underwater post office in the world, and enjoy the beautiful Christian cathedrals.

Erromango island

Erromango is a mountainous island, perfect for trekking and hiking.

Tanna island

Yasur volcano, which is considered the most easily accessible active volcano, is the main attraction here. The picturesque Etukuri Bay, which attracts with its clean sandy beaches, is nearby. The village of Kastom introduces you to the colorful Aboriginal culture.

Malekula island

The island of Malekula is one of the largest in this archipelago. About 30 tribes live here, which is reflected in the cultural diversity of this island. Many of them have preserved the ancient language and traditions of their ancestors.

Ambrym island

Ambrym — “Black Island” — is an array of hardened lava. It rises by one kilometer above sea level. Still has active volcanoes, so there is almost no vegetation. But you can watch a dangerous but very beautiful lava lake from afar.

As you can see, Vanuatu is a unique place, which is a mixture of their various cultures and recreational activities, among which you will find exactly what you like.

Vanuatu is not the only happy country, read about the most friendly countries in our article.

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