Untouched and unknown Rotuma

rotuma island

Rotuma is a group of islands consisting of several tiny areas of land, located 646 kilometers north of the Fiji archipelago. It has a total area of approximately 46 square kilometers and is home to just over 2,000 people, according to the latest statistics.

Rotuma has volcanic origins and consists of two parts, the eastern and western, connected by an isthmus, the minimum width of which is only 230 meters. Coral reefs, which make navigation difficult, surround the island from almost all sides.

The island has an oceanic tropical climate, with temperatures varying slightly around 28°C throughout the year. Precipitation is also very consistent, so you can have a good rest there in any season. Rotuma has a hilly terrain, and its highest point is 256 meters above sea level.

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Tropical island

The animal life of this tropical island is not very diverse, and there are several species of amphibians, reptiles, and birds. Also, the locals breed goats and sheep. The flora is slightly more generous, but there is no tropical jungle in Rotuma. However, there are extensive coconut palm groves, and the copra is the island’s main export product.

Rotuma is not one of those tropical islands that attract the attention of travelers, and this is its real advantage. Tourist infrastructure there is quite undeveloped, but there is almost virgin nature.

Travelers who come to Rotuma usually settled in the homes of locals, sunbathe on wild beaches, swim in the purest ocean, and make fascinating dives near the coral reefs. This island provides excellent opportunities for sea fishing on motorboats. As usual, no one returns to the shore without fish.

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