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Anglo-Saxon gastronomy is perceived worldwide as one of the cuisines with atypical tastes that can be found in Europe. Often recognized for its passion for bistronomy as well as its unique cooking of meat, English gastronomy is one of the tastiest and most plentiful that you can find. It is also one of the first countries in Europe to season its meat with aromatic herbs after having marinated it. In addition, Anglo-Saxon cuisine has had different influences such as North America, China, and India especially in the spices used to season dishes. The stereotypes associating English cuisine as being tasteless originate in particular from state rationing during times of war. In general, Anglo-Saxon cuisine is made up of local ingredients that are resistant to winter such as potatoes or leeks for example. In this article, we’ll show you the best England dishes to discover during your stay. From marinated meat to dessert, you will discover all the flavors of united kingdom foods.

The popular food in the United Kingdom

famous england dishes

The full English breakfast

Whether you are strolling through the popular areas of Camden in London or the seacoast of Brighton, nothing beats exploring culture through the united kingdom’s favorite food. One of the most famous meals for Anglo-Saxon food and breakfast. If you are looking for a hearty meal to start your day, you will discover the famous marinated white beans in tomato sauce accompanied by grilled sausages. With that, the full English breakfast is usually accompanied with fried eggs and grilled bacon, enough to fill up with energy in the morning. For a light version of the full English breakfast, it is also possible to simply taste the marinated white beans on a thin slice of toast.

The Fish and chips

One of the British foods to try during your stay in Anglette is of course the Fish and Chips. This dish is often eaten as a popular and inexpensive food. It consists of a fried white fish accompanied by fries. The fish is usually a nice fillet of cod with a thin layer of frying usually accompanied by a vinegar sauce. The fries meanwhile are big fries to be satiated.

The roast

The roast is one of the most English dishes you can taste on your trip. It is associated with being English foods to try on Sunday. Indeed, this dish is generally a dish composed of grilled meat which is eaten during the days of rest with the family. It is served with a savory pudding called Yorkshire made with egg, flour, and milk. Usually, a tasty brown sauce made with the gravy of the meatworks well with the sides for a real gourmet dish. Plus, it is served with baked potato and vegetables. It is one of the united kingdom’s favorite food for you to feast on.

The pie

english foods to try

The pie was one of the famous England dishes and at the time made it possible to reuse leftover meat. You will find it with different meats such as chicken often cooked with mushrooms or beef, sometimes with the leftovers such as kidneys. The crust is the base but also the top of this unique meat cake.

Apple crumble

Apple crumble is one of the tastiest desserts you can find anywhere in England to spoil your taste buds. It’s an oven-baked dessert with apples and a thin layer of crumbs made from sugar, butter, and flour. You can taste it, for example, at tea time, which is sacred in England. Don’t forget to add a touch of cream to your tea for a real English taste.

british foods to try

The jelly

During tea time, it is usually accompanied by sweets of all kinds, including scones. This is a fairly hard cookie that is best enjoyed with a layer of butter and jam. The English are crazy about their Jelly which mixes gelatin with different fruits. You can find lemons, ginger, and even orange ones.

The Cider

Nothing better than to pair the hearty meals of England with a good cider, England being the 3rd largest producer in the world and the largest consumer. Cider is an alcoholic beverage although its percentage is very low. It is made using fermented apples. This will best quench your thirst and go wonderfully with meat-based meals.

In this article, we have presented a selection of the best dishes representative of Anglo-Saxon gastronomy, enough to discover the culture while tasting new flavors. From full English breakfast to tea tasting, English food is hearty and will satisfy you with these unique and surprising blends.

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