Real Twin Peaks Locations: Places Where You Feel like a Twin Peaks Character

Real Twin Peaks Locations

The series “Twin Peaks” burst into television space 30 years ago and immediately won the love of the viewer – thanks to atmospheric filming locations, a detective story, charismatic Kyle MacLachlan and other important details thought out by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Therefore, it is not surprising that today Twin Peaks locations are a separate large excursion for the sake of which tourists from all over the world come to Washington State. Today we would like to tell you about where Twin Peaks was filmed and what you can see there – including the place where David Lynch and Mark Frost planned to kill a high school student girl and about the famous cafe where Agent Cooper liked to drink “damn good coffee” with a slice of cherry pie.

What Is Twin Peaks?

This is the cult TV series by the American director David Lynch and screenwriter Mark Frost. It is an amazing mixture of different genres – mystery, detective, comedy, fantasy, thriller, and drama. The series takes place in a prosperous and cozy provincial town called Twin Peaks. An extraordinary television project attracted the attention of many viewers, and by the end of the demonstration, the series already had a multi-million army of fans.

Is Twin Peaks a Real Place?

Amazing Twin Peaks town full of strange occurrences is a fictional place for a cult show. However, some of the Twin Peaks locations are real!

What Is Twin Peaks

Indeed, the atmosphere of the series, which reveals itself through many details, ranging from scenic views in the frame to the soundtrack, has kept (and still does!) a large share of the audience. The public admitted that the style of this series is no less important than the drama. Therefore, David Lynch approached the selection of locations with his usual heightened attention in this matter.

Let’s find out where Twin Peaks take place in real life.

What Town Is Twin Peaks Based On?

Most of the Twin Peaks locations you can find in the former North Bend forest town, Washington, just 30 miles from Seattle.

What State Is Twin Peaks In?

So, the action in the series takes place in a fictional town called Twin Peaks. The views of the city were filmed in the real cities of North Bend, Snoqualmie, and Fall City in the foothills of the Cascade Range in Washington state (USA). The towns are really small: Snoqualmie, for example, has about 13,000 inhabitants, and North Bend just over 5,000. The best way to get here is from Seattle, which is 30 miles (ca. 48 km) away.

Twin Peaks Waterfall Location

Twin Peaks Waterfall Location

Remember the beautiful waterfall from the Twin Peaks screensaver? It is called Snoqualmie Falls and was the main attraction of western Washington long before David Lynch planned to kill high school student Laura Palmer among the local beauties.

The waterfall is popular not only among Lynch fans but also among ordinary nature lovers. The waterfall is located in the territory of the national park, where the Indians used to live, who believed that this place was sacred. The fact is that where steam rises from the water, Heaven connects with the earth, and the world of spirits – with the world of people, which, remembering the Twin Peaks, seems very symbolic.

The Snoqualmie waterfall offers stunning views from the top and bottom viewpoints. There is a simple trail from the top to the bottom platform – only 0.5 miles and you don’t need any special equipment.

The park has three parking lots: two upstairs and one downstairs, all free. There is a small gift shop and coffee shop upstairs.

Over one and a half million tourists visit Snoqualmie Falls every year. Since 2009, the waterfall has been officially listed on the US National Register of Historic Places.

Stay at the Great Northern Hotel

Another grandiose Twin Peaks filming location that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Great Northern Hotel Twin Peaks filming location

Overlooking a waterfall, this stately hotel was once the property of cunning businessman Benjamin Horne and his daughter Audrey. It was in this hotel decorated with Native American totems that Cooper was shot at the end of the first season.

It was originally the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge, which was built in 1926. This is where the Twin Peaks filming took place. It was a small hotel where travelers loved to relax while visiting the mountains. But in 1988, the hotel was reconstructed and turned into a more elite Salish Lodge hotel. Known for its high-quality spa treatments and incredibly scenic views, it is a good base from which to explore the Twin Peaks universe. And at the end of a busy day, be sure to stop by the hotel bar, where all visitors are offered Dale Cooper’s signature cocktail in memory of the Twin Peaks agent with cider, gin, and homemade honey.

Oh, and yes, you can even stay in the famous room 315, however, it may not seem to you the way you saw it on the Twin Peaks series. This is because the Great Northern interiors were filmed in upstate Washington at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo and then recreated on a soundstage in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, Salish Lodge & Spa is truly an incredibly beautiful and comfortable hotel that attracts tourists with its luxurious views and high level of service.

You can find this interesting Twin Peaks shooting location at 6501 Railroad Avenue SE, Snoqualmie.

Bang Bang Bar Location

Bang Bang Bar Location twin peaks

The Bang Bang Bar, locally known as Roadhouse, was a popular tavern in the southern part of Twin Peaks, close to the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign. It was a favorite place for couples in love, bikers, and connoisseurs of good music and delicious beer. The Bang Bang Bar, Roadhouse, and The Bookhouse were filmed in Fall City, Washington in a real-life Fall City Roadhouse Restaurant. This popular spot is just about 3 miles below Snoqualmie Falls. After visiting this place, you can purchase Bang Bang Bar and Roadhouse T-shirts inside the establishment.

It was here that one of the most memorable scenes with the mystical Giant was filmed, warning Dale Cooper of the murder. Today it houses the Fall City Roadhouse, where you can stay and have a delicious meal.

Laura Palmer’s Real Home

Laura Palmer’s Real Home

Yes, it also exists! One of the iconic Twin Peaks locations can be found in the city of Everett, Washington. Since 2014, it has been owned by Mary Reber and her husband Tim, who are big fans of Lynch and Twin Peaks in particular. They are already accustomed to the fact that their home attracts attention, but group excursions are not allowed into the house. At the same time, from time to time they still invite onlookers inside, and, if they are polite and not impudent, they conduct a small tour of the house and even show the room with a fan.

Double R Diner

Another memorable place in Twin Peaks is the Double R Diner, a prototype of which is Twede’s Cafe, also located in North Bend.

Double r Diner twin peaks

As you can remember from the show, this was a favorite spot for Agent Cooper, who was crazy about the cherry pie and “damn fine cup of coffee.”

Twede’s Café is an ordinary family-run eatery that has been welcoming guests since 1941. But since starring in the 1990s on the show, this diner has experienced ups and downs (even fire!). But with the filming of the new season of the cult series, it acquired its previous appearance.

The Twede’s Cafe menu is no-frills and is fully consistent with the standards of the American hinterland: all kinds of variations of eggs for breakfast, cold and hot sandwiches, French toasts, Belgian waffles, pancakes, as well as a few simple main dishes like chicken steak, fried beef and truly a great variety types of burgers.

Ronette’s Bridge

Ronette's Bridge twin peaks

Across the Snoqualmie River from Salish Lodge, Railroad Avenue takes you past the Northwest Railroad Museum and the huge Snoqualmie Centennial Log, which you may have seen in the credits of the pilot episode. Just turn left onto Meadowbrook Way and you can go back to the river and, to one of the creepiest filming locations: Ronette’s Bridge.

It was here that the wounded Ronette Pulaski was found, who managed to avoid death. There are no more rails here, and the bridge is part of the Snoqualmie Valley trail, used by cyclists and pedestrians. Even though Ronette’s Bridge looks like an ordinary, unremarkable bridge now, once here you can still feel this ominous atmosphere.

Police Station

Police Station twin peaks

The police station, or rather the sheriff’s department that appeared in the pilot episode, is the office of the Weyerhaeuser Mill manufacturing facility. Beginning in 1917, the plant became the second production facility of the company. Today, the administration building houses the DirtFish Rally School, but for anyone traveling to the locations where Twin Peaks was filmed, this is a must-stop.

Where to Find the Black Lodge?

Where to Find the Black Lodge

The mystical Black Lodge from the Twin Peaks universe, from where some of the characters of the series appear, in our dimension, unfortunately, cannot be found. But don’t despair, as there is a very similar bar in Vancouver, Canada, called The Black Lodge. This themed bar is a must-see for real fans. For a complete immersion in this incredible atmosphere, be sure to check out the Red Room-style bathroom.

Twin Peaks Welcome Sign

Twin Peaks Welcome Sign

Another popular Twin Peaks location is the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign set against the backdrop of beautiful scenery that can be seen in the credits of each episode. To get there, steer your vehicle to 41483 SE Reinig Rd, Snoqualmie. Although the sign is no longer there, the real landscape from Twin Peaks has barely changed. Stop at the side of the road to admire the majestic mountains and mighty trees that Agent Cooper delighted. We told you about the most iconic places where Twin Peaks was filmed. Traveling along this route, it is better to set aside a few days – at least two. In this case, you can enjoy the views without haste, take a walk, dine and stay overnight in the famous hotels from the series. And if you want to see all these incredible places and not bother too much about the route, you can also take a tour of all the popular filming locations.

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