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Who has never dreamed of actually doing his childhood dream by spending a weekend perched on top of a wooden cabin? Indeed, everyone has had the chance to be a child and love to build cabins. Children have an overflowing creativity and can spend hours building a castle with sheets, cushions and rugs. Some are lucky enough to have had a garden with a wooden cabin built in the woods. Whether these are memories of your childhood or not, it is now possible to sleep in the coolest treehouse in the world. Whether you are looking for luxury treehouse hotels or more of a rustic atmosphere, we have made you a selection of the best treehouse hotels around the world. Make your childhood dreams come true by staying in a treehouse hotel for a romantic weekend in the trees.

Best treehouse in the world

In the following article, you will discover a selection of the 10 best tree houses in the world to spend a vacation far from any civilization and in the heart of nature.

The Tree Hotel in Sweden

best treehouse in the world

To start with our selection of the best treehouse hotels, The Tree Hotel in Harads in northern Sweden is simply magical. Sleeping there is like a child’s dream come true. The design of the cabins is unique and allows them to integrate perfectly with nature. The mirror reflects the snow and the forest thanks to an ingenious system of mirrors, the Bird’s Nest is nestled in the trees.

The Woodsmans Treehouse in Dorset in England

Carved out of a century-old oak tree, the Woodsmans Treehouse in Dorset Forest is a luxurious hideaway, perfect for a romantic stay. If you want to enjoy your holidays in luxury treehouse resorts, you will love the Woodsmans Treehouse. The interior is luxurious, with a Jacuzzi, private sauna and a large king size bed, so you’ll feel right at home. It has only been open to the public since the summer of 2016. It’s very new so enjoy it before too many people hear about it! And little bonus: there’s even a steel slide to make it easier to get down!

The Livingroom Treehouses in Wales

It is said that Tolkien was inspired by the forest of Wales to write The Lord of the Rings, and it is easy to understand why when you see the Livingroom Treehouses. We expect to see a hobbit coming out of the treehouses at any moment!In the heart of the Welsh mountains, you’ll find 6 elegantly designed wooden cabins. You will be very close to the sea and hiking trails. A perfect stay to relax and recharge your batteries in the middle of nature with your partner or family in one of the best budget treehouse hotels.

The Castle in the trees in Dordogne, the Monbazilac cabin

For the modest sum of 225 euros in low season, you can sleep in a castle in the trees! More than a simple cabin, it is a real palace high up on the edge of the forest. The Spa that awaits you to relax and the decoration inspired by the imperial period in Asia make it a unique hotel in the trees. Great luxury next to the birds and clouds!

The Artic Treehouse Hotel in Finnish Lapland

luxury treehouse resorts

The perfect place to rest after a dog sledding or snowshoeing expedition! The Artic Treehouse Hotel offers all the comforts of a traditional hotel but adds to that a breathtaking panoramic view of the forest, and the possibility to see the Northern Lights from your bed! An unbelievable experience. All kinds of activities are offered by the owner depending on the season.

Chole Mjini Lodge in Zanzibar in Tanzania

Nestled on top of a baobab tree, this luxurious eco-lodge overlooks the beach. A 30 minute flight from Dar Es Salaam on Mafia Island (Zanzibar Archipelago) hides this amazing eco-lodge. Sleep in the trees while combining luxury and sustainable tourism? It’s possible in one of these six huts on stilts built with natural materials in the middle of a luxuriant vegetation.

Lion Sands – Sabi Sand in South Africa

best treehouse resorts

Sleep under the stars in South Africa’s largest game reserve (Kruger National Park). Enjoy a game drive along the Sabi River and take refuge in this sumptuous room set on a platform overlooking the bush.

The pirate’s trail in Guadeloupe

Head for the tropics in the grounds of Habitation Getz, the colonial home of a former coffee plantation and one of the best treehouse resorts- Choose one of the three cabins perched in the oldest trees of the domain: breathtaking view from the terrace on the sea and the mountains. Hot springs, volcano, Waterfalls, botanical garden.

Omah Kayu, the nature from above in Indonesia

best treehouse hotels around the world

This hostel in Malang not only gives you a complete nature experience, but also the feeling of being on top of the world. Located at 1,340 meters above sea level, Omah Kayu consists of six pinewood houses, where you can get back to basics, and really feel at one with the environment.

Clairière in France

Located right next to a park, the Clairière offers six accommodations in the trees, including an astonishing “Perched Tribe” that can accommodate up to 11 people!The site also offers several equally unusual accommodations, but well anchored on the cow floor. The place is renowned as one of the best and authentic tree house hotels.

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