Travel to Morocco: All the Most Interesting and Important Things You Need to Know!

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Not walking the streets at night, not letting women in Morocco go alone, hiding cash in secret pockets, not showing your phone, being careful of any contact with locals – this is not a complete list of stereotypes about the dangers that await tourists in Morocco. So is Morocco safe to travel to? Let’s figure it out.

Is Morocco Safe for Women?

Fair-skinned and fair-haired women with bare heads, even in closed clothes, attract men’s eyes everywhere, even in line at the supermarket checkout. In any situation where it turns out to make out beautiful women in Morocco, you will be scrutinized. You need to be ready for this and respond appropriately.

Traveling in Morocco as a Woman Is No More Dangerous than for Men, but You Need to Take into Account the Peculiarities of the Local Culture

The behavior and appearance of European women for the locals are on the verge of decency. If you don’t want more attention to yourself, just mimic the locals. We are guests here, after all, and the rules of the hosts must be respected.

Clothes That Reveal Arms and Legs Are Taboo

Morocco women, even if they do not wear a headscarf, are dressed in closed (although sometimes very tight) clothing. Leggings are the norm here, and shorts or a skirt just above the knee constantly attract attention. They won’t tell you anything and won’t even stare, but you will understand everything yourself.

Choose Only Tourist Restaurants and Cafes, Avoid Establishments “For the Locals”

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Morocco women practically do not go to restaurants and cafes, fashionable terraces of coffee houses are occupied exclusively by men. The appearance of a European-looking single woman in Morocco instantly triggers a similar reaction in all non-tourist establishments: no matter what the men are doing, whatever they are discussing and no matter how passionate about the food they are, they instantly become silent and glare at the doors as soon as a European appears.

If You Want to Travel Safely to Morocco Try to Be Friendly, but a Little More Restrained Than You Are Used To

A Muslim woman will never smile at a stranger or meet his gaze. It’s more difficult for us, we are used to looking straight ahead with our heads held high. It may be unnecessary to hide your gaze, but do not hold your gaze on anyone: this will instantly be perceived as a signal for acquaintance. If you do not like the look that lingers on you, do not go into conflict, do not play “peepers”, do not challenge – it is better to just turn away.

The Majority of the Population of Morocco Are Sunni Muslims

Therefore, it is extremely important here to observe Islamic traditions and treat them with respect. How safe is Morocco? As for female tourists, outside of tourist complexes, you should not dress too openly, you should cover your legs, shoulders, and back. And in principle, dress modestly if you do not want to receive undue attention. It is worth remembering the girls who came here without a man’s accompaniment, for them the risks of getting into an unpleasant situation in this country may be higher. Unfortunately, for many men in this country, women in morocco are “second-class” creatures, so women need to be especially careful. If you need help or want to ask something, then better to contact the woman of morocco, this advice can also be used by men. It is better not to move around the country on your own, traveling to Morocco is safe if you are walking with a tourist group under the supervision of a guide.

If You Are Still in Doubt, Is Traveling to Morocco Safe, Then Keep in Mind That It Is Better to Avoid Liberties in Clothes outside the Hotel

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Closed light clothing made from natural fabrics that allow the skin to breathe would be ideal: this way you will not only save yourself from unwanted glances but also protect the skin from excessive exposure to sunlight. However, in addition to long skirts that completely cover the legs and long-sleeved blouses, jeans and T-shirts, midi skirts and capri pants are acceptable for women. On public beaches (not hotel ones), we recommend swimming in ordinary swimsuits – in a bikini, you may not be understood. Otherwise, traveling to Morocco is not as safe.

However, unlike some other Islamic countries, in Morocco, when you appear on the street in a defiant outfit, you will not have to explain to the police. Maximum – when entering a remote non-tourist area, be prepared that you may be pointed with a finger (especially children).

Women often complain that locals harass them and do not recommend going on vacation in Morocco unaccompanied. Then Morocco can not be safe to travel.

If You Do Not Want to Get into Trouble, You Must Show Friendliness and Respect for the Locals, Local Lifestyle, Traditions, and Culture

You should not swear with them, insult, be rude or raise your voice, show arrogance about the local culture, speak offensively concerning the country’s leadership, use offensive statements addressed to the country’s leaders.

Do Not Appear on the Street Drunk

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If you have already managed to buy alcohol in Morocco, do not abuse it. A drunken tourist in Morocco is the easiest victim for thieves. In this case, Morocco can not be as safe to travel to for you. Don’t fall for offers to buy marijuana. Drunken tourists are often bred together with the police: as soon as you take the drug in your hands, the police may appear out of nowhere. In Morocco, drug use is punishable by prison. Of course, no one will put you in jail (not for the sake of all this staging), but you may have to part with cash and expensive things.

On the territory of the hotels, you can safely walk at night, which cannot be said about walking outside. Because in Morocco, and especially in crowded places, there are a lot of pickpockets who can quietly pull out some kind of equipment or money from you. In this case, you should keep all your valuables with you and do not put anything in your back pockets, wear bags over your shoulder to make it harder to steal. It is also recommended not to leave anything in sight in the car, it is better to either hide it or take it with you. It is better to put the car in a guarded parking lot and take a token. Yes, it is better to overpay than to lose expensive equipment or important documents. Also, when tourism in Morocco, it is better to avoid various political gatherings and demonstrations. If you still doubt whether it is safe to travel in Morocco, then our answer is yes, but subject to certain rules that we mentioned above.

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