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For some people, nothing is as interesting as traveling. Anyone who travels is happy and hopes that every trip is not the last. Today there are different ways to travel and finding the right one for you is difficult at the first time. Perhaps the most common form of travel is a tour. We will tell you a couple of interesting ideas for unforgettable tours, depending on your interests. But first, let’s define the most common travel styles.

5 Travel Styles

Traveling off the Beaten Path

Traveling off the Beaten Path

You want to visit as many famous places as possible and have a rich cultural experience wherever you go. Of course, you will not get bored in popular tourist destinations: various entertainment programs, excursions, museums and theaters, stately buildings that are hundreds of years old. But a truly unique experience awaits you far from these places. Do not be afraid to experiment and turn off your usual route. Be open to new acquaintances. Wherever you are, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with locals and ask their favorite places. You will be surprised how many places filled with real local flavor, you could have missed following the list of “Top Best Places for Tourists”.

Traveling in Style

You need some comfort while visiting new places and are willing to slightly expand your budget to get it. Don’t be ashamed of sometimes wanting nice sheets on your bed or a clean pool.

If you’ve chosen the RTW route for several months, you probably don’t want to stick to the lowest route. A comfortable bathroom with a jacuzzi and a soft bed is a gift from heaven after months, weeks, or days of an exciting journey.

Traveling with an Agenda

You may have tons of plans about where to go and what to do on your trip, but you can combine all of these with rewarding activities.

There are people for whom a journey is not an empty wandering for fun, they have a precise purpose and responsibility for it. Such as a business meeting or volunteering.

Of course, for some, the trip can mean fulfilling a lifelong dream like climbing Mount Everest or honeymooning in the Maldives.

Your plans don’t have to have a specific purpose, but they can serve as the foundation of your trip and help you plan the rest of your RTW trip.

Traveling to Get Immersed

cultural immersion

It takes a little more time to enjoy and connect with the place. If this is your principle, then you are one of the few travelers who like to move slowly, explore the area gradually and interact with the locals a lot. This is the best way to get to know the culture from the inside and see what everyday life looks like in these places.

The first step to this may be to opt for an apartment or a local house instead of a five-star hotel. So you can communicate with the city from the point of view of a resident and try out the local life for yourself.

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

You decide to dedicate your journey to the greater good.

We observe how countries around the world are rapidly developing, and the world society is gradually realizing the impact on the environment. Thus, more tourists are realizing that it is necessary to use the aspects of responsible travel in every trip.

For most people, the trip is an opportunity to see new places, taste unusual cuisine, and immerse themselves in local culture. But planning a vibrant and eventful trip can be difficult, even for seasoned travelers. If you are just starting to journey or simply do not want to bother yourself with unnecessary problems, then you can use the tour. Let’s now talk about the types of travel tours.

Types of Tours

Food & Wine

Food Wine tour

If you are a lover of delicious food or a connoisseur of fine wine, then such an option will appeal to you. Try the best the world has to offer. For example, you can go on a 10-14 day group food tour to southern Italy and Sicily. Or try the real Bordeaux in Bordeaux, stopping by to admire the vineyards in Burgundy on the way. There are many options, and even the most capricious gourmet will find something amazing for themselves.

Safari & Wildlife

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the place and observe the wildlife and its inhabitants than to go on a safari. As a rule, the groups on such tours are small (10-20 people), so no one will not prevent you from witnessing the wonders of nature. How about an adventure into the endless plains of Africa in search of the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, and Buffalo) or experience the natural beauty of the Americas?


An excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts. How about a walk in the lush cloud forest of Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve while admiring the wildlife along the way, or getting to know the life of the monks at Wat Suan Dok in Chiang Mai? Or plunge into the natural hot springs at the foot of the mighty Arenal Volcano? Prepare some comfortable shoes for long walks and dare to go for an unforgettable experience.

Multi-Country Tours

This is a great opportunity to visit more around the world and see several countries at once in one trip! Explore ancient sites in Asia and soak up the warm Mediterranean sun afterward! Most Multi-country tours last from two weeks to a month or more. For example, you can take a grand tour of Europe, or experience unique Scandinavian charm by going to three incredibly beautiful Scandinavian countries in one journey.

Keep in mind that such journeys can be especially tiring, and if you are ready to spend 3-4 weeks away from home moving from place to place, then feel free to pack your bags and go on an unforgettable adventure!

Religious & Spiritual

spiritual tour

If you love history and are delighted to explore sacred sites, following in the footsteps of pilgrims and prophets, then these tours will not leave you indifferent. Explore the Christian heritage of Israel or find out once and for all how the Egyptians built the pyramids of Giza while being able to see them live and even go inside.

Wherever you go, meeting new people is inevitable. Finding a like-minded person among them can be difficult. You may feel uncomfortable even with family or friends. In general, travelers can be divided into several categories, and now we want to talk about them. You may even recognize yourself here.

Types of Travelers


luxury travelling

For such travelers, comfort comes first. Accommodation in the best hotels, dinners in luxurious restaurants, and only first-class flights. Such a trip has many advantages, such as comfortable accommodation, a large selection of different directions, freedom of movement, and the opportunity to truly relax without bothering yourself with unnecessary problems. But for such a pleasure, you have to fork out a lot.

Slowly but Surely

They like to stay in one place for a long time, and completely immerse themselves in the local culture. There is no need to rush, they prefer to move slowly and gradually, not missing every detail. To be able to stay longer, you must have flexible work and the ability to finance a long trip.

Budget Traveler

These travelers are trying to get the most out of their investments. Most often they look for cheap transport and food, stay in hostels or use couch-surfing. On any trip, they can save a lot and see more for less. This is more complicated than it might seem at first glance. These people have to plan a lot and sometimes give up on non-budget destinations.

The Easily Grumpy

These people can get angry for any slightest reason. Is the bus a couple of minutes late? They can get angry. We certainly love our grumpy friends, but going somewhere with them can be difficult at times. You will need a lot of patients with such a companion. It is better to discuss all possible problems in advance, but do not forget about tact.

The Photographer

photographer travelling

They are always on the lookout for good photo spots. It can take a lot of time to get the desired shot and catch the perfect angle. But if you give him freedom, you can get a couple of compelling photos for Instagram.

The Type A

Such travelers always have a plan, and they are not ready to back down from it. The slightest deviation from the route can cause serious anxiety or even panic. If you are traveling with a Type A buddy, be sure to check their route in advance.

The Constant Explorer

These people never sit in one place. They are happy to explore everything they can. If you happen to take a trip with such an insatiable adventurer, then you can forget about a calm rest. But if it does not suit you, don’t be afraid to confess to your companion. You can always find a compromise and move at a comfortable pace for everyone.

The Social Butterfly

They are always ready for new acquaintances. Wherever they go, communication is very easy for them. Noisy parties, dancing all night long, talking until dawn – social butterflies, as a rule, often need rest after rest.

Traveling is the most enjoyable way to learn new things and get to know yourself, relieve stress, acquire new skills, meet new people and cultures. But the ideal trip looks different for everyone. For some, it is to go around the world with a backpack, while others do not like planning and only use tours. Some like to explore everything alone, while others cannot imagine a trip without a companion. But no matter how it is, do not be afraid to experiment and go beyond the usual route, because this is when the real adventure begins.

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