Top cities to visit in Russia

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Russia is probably one of the richest countries to visit with flourishing culture and a very rich cultural heritage. Although Russia is more famous for these cities and its buildings with exceptional ornaments, it also has varied landscapes whose sounds are breathtaking. There are many amazing places to go in Russia, where you will discover unforgettable surprises. Cities like St. Petersburg, where history continues to be written at every lane or if you prefer the big megalopolis cities, you will be won over by Moscow. In this article, we invite you to discover all the best places in Russia from North to South, passing through lakes, seas, and even shores to see all the most beautiful landscapes. Russia is a vast country, so vast that it has nine different time zones and where you will experience a memorable journey full of new discoveries.

In the rest of this article, we have made a selection of top cities in Russia and all the different places to travel in Russia, to discover this country with a mixture of cultures and numerous works of art. This country is vast and it would be quite impossible to be able to visit all of the most popular cities in Russia in one stay. Once you’ve fallen in love with the charm of Russia, you’ll probably want to visit it several times so that you can enjoy all of its uniqueness.

Where to go in Russia? Top places to visit in Russia

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If you want to discover Russia without taking the lead and in the most ecological way that is currently available, the Trans-Siberian will satisfy you. In fact, the Trans-Siberian is a train that crosses Russia by covering more than 9,300 km. It is one of the dreams of all travelers because you will see natural landscapes as far as the eye can see, which will take your breath away. Whether you are alone or with others, you will meet there easily during the trip while visiting all the best places to go in Russia. Indeed, thanks to the Trans-Siberian, you can choose to make the journey in a straight line and it will take you about a week to go from Moscow to Vladivostok.

But what makes the Trans-Siberian unique is that you can also make different stops at the places that interest you on the route. For this, you can choose a more spontaneous method by stopping where the landscapes seem to you to be the most beautiful. You will see on your trip a lot of natural landscapes with forests, rivers, lakes, and nature. If you decide to stop, we would advise you to allow around two weeks. This will give you the opportunity to take the time to see different cities while reducing the consecutive time on the train which can be long over a week. The Trans-Siberian is therefore one of the best ways to visit to see all the cool places to visit in Russia.

St Petersburg

top places to visit in russia

To discover the best cities in Russia to visit, you will have to go through the former capital of Russia, St Petersburg. Indeed, this city which was founded by Tsar Peter the Great is a true jewel of Russia with works of art and architecture that will make you dream. The city is often compared to a huge open-air museum. If you are looking for all things art and culture, St Petersburg will light up you with sheer pleasure. The city is primarily one of the most prestigious cities there is with works of art and culture on just about every street corner. One of the sites to visit is the L’Ermitage Museum. This Russian museum is one of the largest in the world with over 60,000 works that are accessible for public view. To continue your visit to this majestic city, you will absolutely have to go to Peterhof Palace. If you want to be able to compare this museum to something more famous, it is often written as the Palace of Versailles but with typical Russian decorations and architecture. It’s not the only must-see place in the city that is full of them everywhere.

The Saint-Sauveur-sur-le-Sang-Pouré Cathedral is also a typical symbol of Saint Petersburg with its colorful bulbs. To continue your discovery, you can go to the Peter and Paul Fortress, which is one of the city’s unique historic sites, or to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, which will offer you one of the most beautiful views of the city. Visiting St Petersburg is often intense, you walk a lot. So to rest while continuing your discovery, consider a boat trip on the canals to get some fresh air while seeing the city in a new light.


Top cities to visit in Russia

Of course, Moscow is a place to visit in Russia! The city is made of grandeur that will surprise you. It is the largest city in Russia, the most populous city in Europe, and the city with the most billionaires in the world. By visiting Moscow, you will be propelled into the heart of the vast, intense, and ever-changing metropolis. It’s a city that offers new decor every time you visit. So, even when you visit Moscow multiple times, you will always discover new adventures there and that is why it is one of the best cities to visit in Russia.

The must-see places are numerous, we have made a small selection for you. One of the most mythical places in the city is Red Square and alongside the Kremlin which is the seat of power. So you will discover the vastness and the political image of the country. To immerse yourself more in magical settings with these colored bulbs, the Basil-le-Bienheureux cathedral is an unforgettable place. Inside the cathedral, you will find Lenin’s remains. To direct you on more commercial tours, the Gum, a former Soviet state store, is now the city’s most beautiful shopping center. You will discover the most beautiful luxury showcases. To buy souvenirs, nothing beats the Izmailovsky Market which is Moscow’s largest flea market. If you want to explore the “new Moscow”, far from the legacy of the Tsars or the Soviet Empire, we recommend that you go to more modern places such as the old chocolate factory which has become an artistic and festive place; the Red October or at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Gorky Park.

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In this article, we have made a selection of cities to visit in Russia but you can also discover different natural landscapes such as Lake Baikal which is nicknamed “The Pearl of Siberia” and listed in the UNESCO heritage or in Kazan which is an autonomous republic and where you will all experience the multicultural aspect of Russia.

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