Top 5 countries to visit this summer


Warm days, bathing season, and vacation time have come. But the pandemic of recent months has changed the plans of almost every person. Which countries are ready to host foreign guests this summer?



An island state in the Mediterranean Sea is gradually easing restrictions and is preparing to receive the first travelers. The majority of beaches are municipal. Many hotels have their beach areas, which is suitable for quiet sunbathing, swimming. Officially, the borders open in early June, but not for all countries.



Quarantine restrictions in Spain have already been lifted. Residents are quietly returning to the regular pace of life. The fastest way to get to Spain is by plane. Some airlines already offer flight bookings. Spanish beaches are gradually filling up with locals. Hotels are preparing to receive guests, restaurants, and museums are opening. Officially, local authorities orientate to the reception of foreigners in the first days of July.

Ibiza deserves special attention in Spain. Read our article if you still think you can miss it.



The favorite place of the Russians is also preparing to receive tourists who are waiting for them. Beaches, restaurants, and shops are actively preparing for the tourist season. In June, airports were opened, and flights on domestic flights resumed. The sky is scheduled to open for international flights by July 15. It is vital to remember sanitary norms, rules of visiting recreation areas. The usual Al inclusive service will change.



The Greek authorities have repeatedly stated that they are interested in the early resumption of tourism in the country. The first preparations began in June: hotels, restaurants resumed their work, museums and attractions are gradually being opened. The beaches have become available for residents. A simplified visa option is being considered for foreign citizens. Travel agencies are already offering to book tours. Of course, the pandemic will affect the work of resorts. Owners will be required to observe sanitary standards to maintain the health of holidaymakers.



The State in the Caribbean has repeatedly declared its willingness to host tourists. However, deadlines have been regularly shifted. Today, as the situation has stabilized, the Minister of Culture has announced the opening of borders since July. However, not all well-known resorts will be opened. Recreation zones, which will be accessible to foreign tourists, will provide a limited range of services and put forward strict requirements for compliance with sanitary standards.

Quarantine has forced tourists to change their holiday plans. Maybe this is an opportunity to open new destinations? At least five countries are preparing for the opening of the tourist season!

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