Top 5 best places for beginner surfers


Waking up at 7 am, drinking a pineapple fresco, and listening to the wind. Enjoying speed and weightlessness, conquering the highest wave is all about surfing. We have chosen the most comfortable and safe places on the planet where beginners can learn to surf from scratch – the best beaches, surf schools, and surf campsites in the world are waiting for you.


This island in Indonesia is world-famous for the best surfing places. If you only dream of learning how to do it, visit Kutu, the ideal place for the first surfing lessons. Smooth sand under the feet, no corals or other sharp objects, high waves are very rare, and the ocean pleases with low tides.

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

If you decide to choose Sri Lanka for your surfing training, be sure you won’t regret it, especially if you get into Hikkaduwa. The reefs are at sufficient depth and are visible through the clear water. It reduces the risk of injury, which is essential for beginners surfers. Waves are stable, flat, small, 1-3 meters high here.

Phuket, Thailand

While Bangkok is the business capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai is the cultural capital, Phuket is considered the Thai surf capital. Thousands of experienced surfers and those who only dream of becoming one comes every year. The best surfing spots for beginners are Kata and Bang Tao beaches. Kata Beach is a snow-white coast with the purest clear water, flat, gentle shoreline, and strong waves. The only downside is that there are a lot of people willing to surf. In Bong Tao, you won’t see any terrible waves, as the beach is shielded from them, but the bottom is not as reliable as on Kata.

Agadir, Morocco

The top spot to surf in the Mediterranean part of Africa is without a doubt Morocco. Surfers from all over Europe head here and fill the beaches and hotels every year. High waves, developer tourist infrastructure and soft sand have made Agadir the most attractive place in Morocco for tourists who are interested in surfing.

Cape Town, South Africa

The coast of Cape Town is also ideal for anyone who has long dreamed of surfing and is looking for a place to learn it. Surfers of different skill levels occupy almost all of the city’s coastline, but Muizenberg Beach is considered the best for beginners: flat sandy coastline with clear water, no rocks, cliffs, reefs, and strong winds, and lots of surf spots.

Hawaii is a great destination for beginner surfers. Read our article on how to cut costs when you travel there.

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