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If you are going to go see the world or emigrate and still have doubts about your choice of destination, Doubletravel has prepared a list of most dangerous cities for tourists. The crime and death rates in the cities we’re about to tell you are higher than anything else. You won’t be safe either day or night.

Perhaps the first thing you think about is some gangster countries in Africa, but according to this list, the most dangerous cities in the world are in Latin America: Honduras, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Guatemala. Hot spots were not included in this anti-rating.

№10. Barquisimeto, Venezuela

The two biggest problems in this town are robbery and murder. In Barquisimeto, about 900 people are killed every year with a population of 1,211,600. Guests of the city are better off staying out in the dark. The global economic crisis has further aggravated the criminogenic situation, significantly increasing the number of poor people.

№9. Joao Pessoa, Brazil

This city is “famous” for teenage murders – one in three teenagers dies before the age of 19. Tourists are rare here, immigrants, all the more so.

№8. Guatemala City, Guatemala

The population of the city is asking the state and the police to take control of the situation: for 3 062 100 people there are 2 063 murders, but unfortunately, the authorities are so corrupt that they do not take any measures to stabilize the situation at least a little.

№7. Fortaleza, Brazil

Although it is the fifth-largest city in Brazil, people are increasingly eager to leave it. 1,628 murders per 2,452,185 inhabitants. It’s one of the most dangerous cities in Brazil.

№6. Central District, Honduras

The high crime rate, with 1,126,560 residents accounting for 1,150 murders a year, does not surprise anyone in the district. There are 1,700 inhabitants per police officer. The authorities are not even trying to take control of the situation.

№5. Maceio, Brazil

This city is notorious for its poor brazil crime rate figures. The massacres are a common sight that has no longer surprised anyone. There are 820 murders per 930,750 people.

№4. Cali, Colombia

1,189 murders with a population of 2,294,650. It is believed that the wave of murders was triggered by the relocation of drug lord Rodriguez Gilberto Orejuel’s associates, nicknamed “El Ajedrecista” (The Chess Player).

№3. Acapulco, Mexico

Once very popular, this tourist city ceased to attract travelers long ago. Now, this resort is more popular among drug dealers – most routes of drug trafficking from Central America to the U.S. pass through Acapulco dangerous. The crime rate is increasing every day.

№2. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. Its center is an endless shopping tray with cheap Chinese goods. It is said that the local children’s favorite pastime is throwing firecrackers at the crowd and watching people scatter in fear. Dozens of civilians are killed here every day, accidentally caught in a firefight. Caracas is not at all friendly for tourists, who are not recommended to walk the streets of the city but to come here in general without an emergency.

№1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

There are over 700 murders per 100,000 inhabitants. That’s the highest rate in the world. Although San Pedro Sula is considered one of the most developing cities in Honduras, visiting its slums and remote areas have a danger of staying there forever. This city is the most dangerous place on earth and home to drug traffickers.

When traveling, pay attention to the statistics on crime at each specific point along the route. Even if you are tired of traditional destinations, you should not choose too extreme places. Be careful when traveling.

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