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The Kingdom of Tonga, once prototyped by Britain, is very close to the dateline. Traveling from Tonga to American Samoa, you can solve an expired deadline, celebrate the New Year twice, or miss your birthday. That is why it is believed that time begins in those parts of the world. Here, the beginning of time flows slowly and measuredly. What can a sophisticated tourist find in a place like this?

Ata Island

The Tonga Archipelago consists of a group of islands, one of which is Ata. Ata is of volcanic origins, like many other islands in the group. The island was inhabited before the slave traders who brought out almost all the residents, and the island became deserted about two hundred years ago.

The island is filled with coconut palms and other vegetation. There are also a lot of trees and amazingly blue water that will make the local scenery incredibly beautiful. Travelers leave for Ata Island early in the morning for a quiet beach holiday and delightful photos.

The coastal waters are perfect for snorkeling and other water fun, and guides or guides will show you the abandoned bungalows that once served the local tribe.

Haatafu Beach

haatafu beach

The enormous beach of Coral Island has earned distinctive fame among surfers from all over the world for its “soft” waves and is a surf resort. Individual holiday homes for visiting surfers are on the beach. The most enjoyable surfing season starts in June and lasts until August.

Located on an island called Tongatapu, near the town of Nuku’alofa, Haatafu Beach is an excellent sandy beach for both active water sports and a relaxing beach holiday. Cozy small hotels offer tourists a secluded holiday away from the bustling cities.

Besides surfing, the coastal waters of the beach are perfect for diving and snorkeling. Numerous ancient shipwrecks, beautiful coral reefs, and exotic underwater inhabitants are waiting underwater.

Tofua Island

Tofua was formed as a result of volcanic activity and is part of a group of similar islands in Haapai. The island is an active volcano with an altitude of five hundred meters above sea level.

Especially adventurous tourists can go to the island as part of a tour group if there is no threat of an eruption, or even land on the island if they want to.

The island was discovered by the famed navigator James Cook just over three hundred years ago. However, Tofua was not of any advantage to tourists for a long time. The development of diving and snorkeling culture has helped attract more and more travelers to explore the underwater landscapes around the island.

The island is now considered uninhabited, but five people still live on Tofua almost all year round.

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