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Colorfully flowered culture and extreme politeness were the representation of Japan in the collective imagination, but lately, the culture of “kawaii” and cosplays exported all around the world as a performance of art and as a significant subculture not only in Japan, as well in the western world.

The weird mix of Japan joining tradition to the bizarre fascinates as much as it confuses and disturbs, but what is certain is that no one remains indifferent. In line with this spirit, Tokyo gave birth to robot restaurant, a very futuristic way of eating your food, even though the robot restaurant food here is pretty much secondary, and people mostly come to see the fascinating surreal and freakish 90 minutes show of robot in a cartoon and neon ambiance.

On the robot restaurant menu: giant cobras, dancing horses, R6, warrior girls, ninja fighting, or Japanese women riding neon tanks and giant fembots; so many things that the masters of the robot revolution, managed to combine in one place: the robot restaurant in Shinjuku. If you are ready to merge into this over-the-top experience, not with a tad of bad taste, but something you’ll enjoy with a small feeling of shame, here is everything you need to know about the only robot restaurant in Tokyo Japan. Hold your breath and be transported into the fantastic alternate science-fiction display, where flashing lights, crystal chandeliers, mirrors, and neon sparkles are a new reality.

What is it exactly?

The robot restaurant is located in the hot neighborhood of Kabukicho in Tokyo and is initially a $1 million investment that entered the themed scene around 2012, and quickly became one of Tokyo’s most popular tourist attraction. Don’t be mistaken the place is more about dancing robots fight than food and to call it a restaurant is a bit dishonest. Consider food as a bonus while enjoying robots, dragons, ninjas, blue-haired dancers, drums, and a whole assortment of neon lights with really loud music; the most bizarre show you’ll ever see.

How to get the tickets?

You can get tickets on the official website, or you can request your hotel’s concierge for a ticket reservation. As it’s one of the most tourist attractions, the prices are pretty high with 5000 yen per ticket which includes a snack box and a soft drink. Pay attention that alcohol is sold separately before the performance and during the intervals.

What to wear?

There is actually a dress code, so to avoid any uncomfortable situation, pay attention to follow our instructions if you want to manage to see the show.

  • Don’t wear sunglasses.
  • Don’t come already drunk.
  • Don’t wear any visible tattoos.
  • And don’t wear any costumes (cosplays, wigs, etc.).
  • Be careful as well that the professional cameras aren’t allowed in the facility, so if you want to come back with souvenirs, use your smartphone.

How is it inside?

japan robot restaurant

Inside the kabukicho robot restaurant, you’ll first be escorted to a bar where you’ll discover an area decked floor to ceiling I sparkle, neon, and mirrors (a lot of mirrors). Then, you’ll go down decorated stairs in a giant funhouse vibe sparkling all around you to finally reach the showroom. Separated into four sections, the room is filled with LED screens on which Anime style graphics perpetually move, and flashing lights dancing in a choreographed movement along with lasers and electronic effects. If you have the tendency of having epileptic seizures, this place is not for you.

How is the show?

Embrace the fact that for 90 minutes you will be admiring the strangest show of your life; performances on the ground with traditional Japanese dance numbers turning into a semi-nude performance, followed by a fight between ninjas, army girls, and robots, pandas, and dinosaurs. As you’ll be gently gripped by the nonsense atmosphere, a robot will roll around on Starlight Express 2035 and giant fembots will start lighting up the room with a very lusty dance, frolicking on neon tanks and planes. Like it or not, you’ll be sucked into this psychedelic vortex and come out of it with an LSD-like experience.

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