Tips from the stewardess: 8 things to keep in your hand luggage


Empty water bottle

You are not allowed to bring any liquids exceeding 100 ml during the airport search. You can only take empty containers. This means that it is possible to fill the bottle with water after passing the security checkpoint.


You should not leave any medication in your luggage if you have to take it strictly by the clock. Any airline could accidentally lose your suitcase. Therefore, you should always keep your medication in hand.


Few people put toiletries in their hand luggage. Passengers pack it in their suitcases and take it in their luggage mainly. However, if the flight is delayed, you may be stuck at the airport for a few days. Then you will definitely need a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste.

A little bit of cash

You should not rely solely on a plastic card or the ability to make any other electronic payments during the trip. It is always better to have some cash with you. Just make sure you do not have to declare this amount of currency in advance.


If you need to wear glasses, be sure to take them with you to the cabin. Even if you prefer contact lenses – you can lose them or feel discomfort in your eyes during the flight.

Compression socks

The legs can swell heavily due to air pressure at high altitudes. Compression golf relieves these symptoms. You can also take warm socks, because it is often very cool on an airplane.

Wet napkins

It is worth keeping a small package of wet wipes at hand. You can use them to wipe your hands or wipe the table and armrests. It is definitely a good idea to put them in your hand luggage.

Oxolin ointment

An oxolin ointment may well help on the plane. It perfectly masks the different smells. Many unpleasant “scents” become more intense in an enclosed space. You need to lubricate your nose wings with ointment from time to time to get rid of any unpleasant odors.

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