Three reasons to visit the Mariana Islands

mariana islands

Each of us chooses a suitable type of recreation: someone likes hiking, excursions, museums, various activities on water and land, and someone wants peace and tranquility. In the Northern Mariana Islands, you’ll find entertainment for both.

A small state – the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is located on 14 volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. Three of them – Saipan, Tinian, and Rota – are annually visited by many tourists to feel the relaxed atmosphere of these places. If you are looking for a family holiday destination, here are three reasons to choose the Marianas:

Reason 1. It’s warm in here

Not too hot, not too windy, but too wet, exactly warm. The Marianas are even registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the place with the most constant year-round temperature of +27. You will be comfortable to spend all day outside: lying on the beach or by the pool, walking, hiking, and most importantly, this climate is suitable for all ages!

Reason 2. It’s peaceful

Nothing will disturb you or distract you from your rest. Even though Saipan is the most populous island in the Commonwealth, only about 35,000 people live here. Island life and weather conditions have done their job, and Saipan has a relaxed and leisurely atmosphere. There will be no racers on the tracks, no rush on the streets, only kindness and calmness. And if you go to Tinian or Rota, where 1300 and 1000 people respectively live, you can feel almost on a desert island! It’s as if all the jungle and small houses belong only to you.

Reason 3. It’s not boring

Despite the relaxed pace of life on the islands, locals know how to entertain tourists. Festivals dedicated to Firewood, red pepper, food, beer, culture, sports, and much more fascinate The Marianas almost every month You can go to the night market to eat and dance with the locals every week. There are also many historical and natural attractions, which are interesting in themselves and very photogenic.

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