Top Things to Do in Montauk or Where You Can Go for an Interesting Adventure

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The cute and soulful hamlet of Montauk, located on the east side of Long Island’s South Fork, attracts thousands of tourists every year for its serenity and picturesque beauty. Although at first glance it may seem that there is not much entertainment here, it’s not like that at all. Today we will tell you about the best places in Montauk recommended visiting, where you can have a great rest in the company of dunes, breathtaking cliffs, and the Atlantic Ocean. And also we have collected for your top things to do in Montauk that is really worth your attention.

Where Is Montauk

Montauk is located on the South Fork of Long Island, New York. Since it is located at the tip of Long Island, it is often called “The End”.

Is Montauk in the Hamptons

Given its location, Montauk can be safely called the most eastern part of Hampton.

What to Do in Montauk

Montauk Point Lighthouse

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You have not been to Montauk if you have not visited the famous lighthouse, the Montauk attraction, placed in Montauk Point State Park on the pristine outskirts of the peninsula. If you climb to the top of the cliff, on which the lighthouse is located, you will have an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean. If you look closely, you can also see Block Island in the distance. Fun Fact: This is the oldest lighthouse in New York State and was commissioned in 1796 by Founding Father George Washington. Since then, it has been well-preserved and has witnessed many events. Tourists can also see various strategic objects here, and of course weapon emplacements. After some time, its main purpose was to warn sailors about the danger, namely about the rocks at cape Montauk. You can also climb to the top of the lighthouse if you are ready to overcome 137 iron steps. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive a stunning panoramic view. The sight is truly breathtaking, and we sincerely recommend this tourist attraction in Montauk. The lighthouse receives visitors daily from 11.30 am to 11.30 pm. The ticket price for adults is $12, for seniors $8, and for children $4.

Being here, be sure to go to the museum and gift shop near the lighthouse, there are a lot of interesting things waiting for you. Among other things, you will find unique marine artifacts, various photographs, and historical documents that bear the signature of George Washington. Please note that the lighthouse is closed in winter, so if you intend to visit Montauk during the warmer months, be sure to add this exciting place to your list of Montauk activities in summer!

Montauk Point State Park

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Our list of things to do at Montauk Point goes beyond just seeing the lighthouse. If you are into photography and looking for interesting locations or just want to enjoy the picturesque scenery, then for this experience you can go to Montauk Point State Park. This is one of the few places where you can watch funny seals resting on the nearby cliffs and enjoy mesmerizing views of the ocean and rocky coastline of nature trails. There is also one of the fun things to do in Montauk in winter, namely surfing the waves on the edge of Long Island, or, as surfers like to call it, the North Bar. You can ride the waves, as a rule, from mid-December to the end of March. If you just want to relax with your family and are looking for things to do with kids in Montauk, how about a cozy picnic in a picturesque area? There are special places for this in the park, where there are even playgrounds and public toilets. You can even bring pets here, just keep in mind that no more than two pets on a leash are allowed in the areas of use.

Ditch Plains Beach

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This is one of the best Montauk beaches, surrounded by impressive green cliffs and blown by pleasant warm winds. It is a paradise for wave riders who come to this beach from all over the island. If you have never surfed, but always dreamed of trying, then here you will have a great chance! You can easily sign up for lessons at the Air and Speed ​​Surf Shop, which is located nearby. The store is also happy to provide you with a wetsuit and surfboard for rent. If active rest is not for you, then here you have the opportunity to soak up the warm sun and enjoy delicious food. Trust us, the delicious burritos at Food Truck Ditch Witch on the beach will definitely impress you! You can also have a great time with your pets here, but keep in mind that it is better to go out with dogs either in the morning or after sunset.

Lake Montauk

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Our list of things to see in Montauk necessarily includes Lake Montauk, which can hardly be called a lake. In 1927, the owner of Montauk, Carl G. Fisher, dug a hole, thereby allowing seawater to seep inside. Today it is not only a sheltered bay but also the main port in the town. For seafood lovers, there is a great chance to taste fresh seafood at restaurants such as The Crow’s Nest Inn & Restaurant, Gosman’s Dock, or Westlake Fish House. Our tip: choose outdoor tables to enjoy a beautiful lake view in addition to delicious meals. And if you visit Gosman’s Dock from July to August, you can enjoy a free Sunday open-air concert. There are quite a few fun things to do in Montauk here, for example, you can rent a fishing boat or take a ferry to Block Island. Interesting rumors are also associated with this place: it is rumored that one boat driver who worked on this lake, Frank Mundus, was the inspiration for the character of Quint from the book and movie “Jaws”.

Yacht Club Montauk

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Already this weekend in Montauk you can visit the iconic beach resort, which is at least 80 years old! It is located in the middle of Lake Montauk, 2.5 miles from the Montauk town center, on Star Island. Here you will be greeted by a superb replica of the historic Montauk Lighthouse, which has many things to do. The lighthouse combines timeless elegance with all modern conveniences. The friendly staff will make sure that your stay is pleasant and comfortable. The staff will also assist you with the docking of your boat to their luxury dock in front of the hotel. Not only the views but also the food is excellent. Overlooking the beach, the light and spacious Gulf Coast Kitchen offers a wide variety of menus, ranging from fresh fish and other seafood to pizza or burgers. When visiting this place, be sure to try cocktails at the Turtle Lounge, which is placed inside the lighthouse; some tourists return here every year just for them! Evening walks along the coastline, relaxing in charming villas, casino games, and delicious cocktails, what else is needed for the perfect vacation in Montauk?

Deep Hollow Ranch

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It is not at all necessary to go to the Wild West to look into the past. You can do this at Deep Hollow Ranch, which is considered the oldest operating ranch in the country. This is one of the most popular Montauk activities among tourists who want to plunge into the past, enjoy the era of cowboys and cowgirls. Ride horseback through 3,000 acres of untouched beaches and picturesque countryside. It also organizes pony rides and various parties for guests. You can come to the ranch with children, there is a children’s camp and interesting events. And if you take a tour, you will have a unique opportunity to experience the livestock traditions of East Long Island and immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of local culture. When traveling to Montauk, take your time and take a look at this wonderful place. This ranch is really worth your attention.

Hither Hills State Park

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An equally popular Montauk sight, placed between the Napeague pedestrian dunes and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the only park in the city that boasts 190 public campgrounds surrounded by picturesque nature. You can visit this place at any time of the year, but please note that possible activities will vary depending on the season. The most popular of these are cycling or cross-country skiing, fishing, hiking, and wildlife watching.

When heading to this State Park, you can stroll along a two-mile sandy beach or visit a freshwater lake that spans approximately 40 acres. The park also has areas for picnics for people with disabilities, many sports grounds and playgrounds, and several fireplaces. The park welcomes guests from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

On the eastern edge of the park is a popular tourist attraction, the pedestrian dunes of the harbor. Walking along the trail, you will pass by mesmerizing dunes and can observe trees protruding from the sand. The three-quarter-mile trail takes you to the Cranberry Bog, where you can see orchids and other equally beautiful plants. This is an insanely photogenic place and a great opportunity to take a couple of beautiful shots. If you’re lucky to be nearby, be sure to check out this magical place.

The campsites, which are great for both mobile homes and campgrounds, have public toilets with showers. If you decide to stay at the campsite, be sure to book your places in advance, as during the tourism season in Montauk it is difficult to find a free place. There is also a shop on the territory of the camping where you can purchase everything you need for your comfortable stay.
Even though the population of Montauk is only 3,000 people and this place is not the most popular among tourists, there is something to see. This is a great opportunity to truly relax in the fresh air away from the bustle of the city, stroll through the picturesque parks or soak up the warm beach. Here everyone will find entertainment to their liking: surfing, fishing, horseback riding, or watching cute animals in their natural habitat. If you are in the state of NYC, be sure to arrange a day trip to Montauk, you will definitely not regret it! But we advise you to stay here a little longer, as it is quite difficult to explore Montauk for one day, but it is enough to fall in love with this beautiful place!

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