Top Things to Do in Krabi: Places That Leave No One Indifferent

things to do in krabi

If you are planning a trip to Krabi, Thailand, then you are probably interested in learning about the most interesting things to do in these, without exaggeration, luxury resort places. Well, there is a lot of entertainment here, and they are so diverse that everyone can find something for themselves.

What to Do in Krabi, Thailand

what to do in krabi thailand

Krabi Town

The main tourist center and transport gate of the province. A distinctive feature is a large selection of inexpensive hotels and guesthouses, as well as low prices for Thai food. Among the attractions are two 100-meter rocks, inside which are hidden caves with stalactites and rock paintings, a fishing village, a monkey beach, an embankment with an iron figure of a crab, and Thara Park. There is no beach in the city.

Night Market

It is located in the center of Krabi Town, close to the Vogue shopping mall. Open from dusk until midnight on weekends. It is famous for its good selection of inexpensive fruits, clothing, and souvenirs. Moreover, some of their products – key rings, jewelry, plaster figures, graceful flowers made of soap are made by the sellers behind the counters, in the presence of buyers. Traditional and exotic Thai dishes are served at the food court tables. The artists perform on the stage installed next to them.

Ao Thalane

One of the best things to do in Krabi is kayaking, and Ao Thalane is the perfect spot. This does not require special skills in navigating the craft. The bay is small, with calm water. In addition to contemplating the magnificent wildlife, mangroves, exotic fish, and animals, the walk includes a visit to several caves and grottoes. When planning an excursion, you should focus on the low tide schedule. It is better to visit the bay in medium water, otherwise, some places may be inaccessible.

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is truly one of the best places to go in Krabi and the most amazing lake in the Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, which, among other things, is fed by hot springs. It is located near the Thai village of Khlong Thom, 70 km from Ao Nang. Surrounded by rainforest, thermal springs gurgle in volcanic baths of various sizes. The water temperature is about 40 °C, so it is very pleasant to swim there. It is also beneficial for health since various mineral salts are dissolved in the water. By the way, the reserve also has a magnificent Namtok Ron waterfall.

Mangrove Forest

When visiting Krabi, be sure to set aside a couple of hours to visit this magical place. The protected area is located 34 km from Krabi Town. Here fresh waters of an underground source come to the surface, which, mixing with seawater during high tides, form a crystal river with turquoise water. Mangrove trees with aerial roots sticking outward grow along their banks and in swampy areas. Walking paths are laid throughout the park at a height of 2 meters. There are many benches, stairs, and balconies above the water.

Tiger Cave Temple

One of the most popular Krabi attractions is the Tiger Cave Temple, located at the base of a rocky hill and surrounded by tropical forests. This religious site, adorned with Buddha statues, attracts Buddhists from all over Thailand. The first thing to visit when entering the Tiger Temple in Krabi is the cave. Going down into it, sculptures of tigers would fall into the curious gaze of tourists, walking a little further – a pair of panthers. At this place, by donating a couple of coins, you can make a wish.

Nearby there is an observation deck from which you can contemplate the picturesque relief landscape of Krabi province. To climb it, you need to overcome a difficult path, consisting of more than a thousand steps. At the very top, there are gazebos for tired tourists to relax with an incredible view.

Natural Features of Railay Beach

This is one of the must-see places in Krabi, which has gained popularity thanks to its towering cliffs and white beaches. Railay Beach is perhaps the most scenic Krabi sightseeing destination. This beach is amazing with its bright white sand and emerald water, surrounded by two hundred-meter rocks. No beach in the entire world can boast of the most scenic beauty. If you move to the eastern part of the beach, then in the local rocks you can find a well-equipped and safe for tourists cave, which you can research.

Go Diving

Some of the best Krabi activities are, of course, diving and snorkeling. Local beaches seem to be created for this – here, among the colorful coral reefs, you can see much impressive fish and other sea creatures. In the Ao Nang beach area, dive clubs are located at every step. For experienced divers, equipment rental is provided, for beginners – diving with an instructor. Most often, novice divers are taken to the nearby islands of Phi Phi and Ko Poda. Diving price – from 2700 THB. There is also a 50% discount for children. The most favorable season is from October to May; strong winds are possible at other times.

In the area of ​​Phi Phi Island, besides the reefs themselves, there are a lot of other things to see for divers. So, you may be interested to explore the Japanese King Cruiser ferry that sank in 1997, and its length is more than 80 meters. The spectacle is truly mesmerizing!

Khao Phanom Bencha

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park is famous for its rainforest, and it is also an interesting attraction in Krabi, which is worth seeing on your own. The park is home to bears, leopards, and other animals. And there is also something to admire: several beautiful waterfalls are located a couple of kilometers from the entrance. Also, everyone can go to an interesting track to the top of Mount Phanom Bencha. And if you want to stay surrounded by this picturesque nature longer, you can rent a small, cozy bungalow with all the amenities and a gorgeous view of the mountains.

Maya Bay

These are rightfully one of the most popular points of interest among tourists in Krabi. Maya Bay, which served as a natural setting for the movie “The Beach”, is located on the small island of Phi Phi. You can sail here by boat and sunbathe on the beach, pretending to be the hero of this very film. There are always so many tourists and excursions in Maya Bay that a small island can hardly accommodate everyone who wants to see the most popular attraction of Krabi. Therefore, be sure to come here as early as possible, preferably before 11 a.m., and then you can enjoy your beach vacation, and not hustle with other tourists on the shore. By the way, in addition to relaxing on a magnificent beach with white sand and swimming in clear turquoise water, you can practice snorkeling and diving here. You may also be interested ​to ride a boat along the picturesque lagoons that are located inside the islands, surrounded by high cliffs that have long become the hallmark of Krabi.

White Temple (Wat Kaeo Korawaram)

It is rightfully one of the best places to visit in Krabi. This is a temple complex of dazzling white color, which was built at the end of the 19th century. In addition to the main building, there are living quarters for monks and pilgrims, a park with fountains, sculptures of tigers and elephants, as well as other buildings on its territory. The inner walls of the temple are decorated with colored frescoes. In the center of the hall is a huge golden Buddha statue. They say that if you make a wish here, it would certainly come true. The railing of the staircase leading to the temple is decorated with the mythical Naga snakes. By the way, admission is free for everyone.

The Observation Deck on Phi Phi Don Island

It is located at the highest point of the island – 186 meters above sea level. But keep in mind that climbing to the observation deck is not easy and consists of 2 levels. A steep stone staircase leads to the first. Upstairs there is a small park with places for recreation. Further, along the path going through the palm thickets, you can climb even higher, to the next level of the observation deck. There are a garden and sun loungers, from which it is especially pleasant to enjoy panoramic views. And if you are hungry or want to buy unusual souvenirs, there are cafés and shops. If having risen to the first level, you feel tired and powerless, it is better to rest there. Be careful and assess your options wisely.

Bamboo island

Tourists come to this small island for a luxurious, comfortable beach, which is compared to the Maldives. Nearby there is a shallow water area with corals and exotic animals – snorkeling is great here. Since the island is uninhabited, there are no bungalows or hotels on it, but there are a lot of different cafés. The vegetation is dominated by deciduous and coniferous trees. Bamboo thickets can be seen at the top of the cliffs in the center of the island.Krabi is full of beautiful places created by both nature and man. Among them are large waterfalls, emerald lakes, high limestone cliffs, as well as ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries, which annually attract the attention of millions of people from all over the world. Judging by the reviews of tourists, there are a lot of interesting attractions in Krabi for every taste. Therefore, if you are going to go to Thailand, then keep in mind that during your vacation you should go on an excursion to Krabi for one or several days.

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