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What comes to your mind immediately when evoking Iceland is stunning landscapes perpetually covered in snow and ice, quiet lakes, wild nature, hauntingly lost castles, and icecaps sprawling from South to Arctic North. But Iceland is actually much more contrasting than that, as the earth covers one of the most volcanic undergrounds in the world, with active volcanoes cooking under your feet causing smoke and eruption at any moment.

This contrast gives birth to a huge amount of geothermal activity, which gave a rise to famous natural spas such as the mythological Blue Lagoon and other impressive warm water pools. Nature lover to nightlife people, this country holds the perfect recipe for any type of traveler, and if you wonder what to do in Iceland, don’t worry you won’t be disappointed.

We made a list of what to see in Iceland absolutely, so whatever you are looking for, your eyes will be filled with sparkles, and who knows, maybe you’ll glimpse some trolls, elves, giants, or mythical creatures leafing through rugged canyons or colossal fjords. Pack your stuff and get ready to discover the best of Iceland.

Bath in the Blue Lagoon

things to visit in iceland

The evidence of evidence and the must-do in Iceland: jumping headlong in the bubbling turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon. Hailing as one of the most visited tourist attractions, the geothermal spas, made of heated seawater is truly enchanting, and you probably won’t see such a stunning color anywhere else.

As the waters come packed with minerals and silica, the Lagoon is considered to have healing properties and became a retreat destination for people suffering from skin conditions and other ailments. The place features as well a clinic and a luxury spa, and you can enjoy their in-water massages, guided tours of the geothermal area, and luxury lounge equipment besides.

Visit the National Park of Snaefellsjörkull

Definitely, one of the must-do in Iceland is to visit the historical National Park sitting on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and best known for its mighty Glacier called Snaefellsjökull. As well, you can enjoy their stunning lava tubes and lava fields, featuring a rich range of flora and fauna nature lover will enjoy the wide choice of hiking trails in which they’ll be able to admire a plethora of local coastal species, and for the fittest, climb up and walk along the Glacier. This place is also one of the top things to visit in Iceland, as it’s also a mythological place, as the Glacier appears in the famous book of Julies Verne “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.

Admire the Northern Lights

iceland to do list

Definitely one of the most impressive things to see in Iceland: the stunning show of the Northern Lights. What would be Iceland without this colorful display coming straight out of a fairytale? We recommend you rent a car and to head out of the towns and to reach some darker rural areas, to see them clearly in the dark. The best period to enjoy these dancing swirls is the months around March and September, where the lights are the brightest. You don’t need to organize too much, it’s a very easy and romantic activity that you can experience pretty much everywhere out of the biggest towns; just take your car, find a nice spot like the National park, bring with you a bottle of wine, and enjoy the magic.

Enjoy the most beautiful waterfall of Dynjandi

Located on the Dynjandivogur Bay, the waterfalls are definitely Iceland’s must-see place for the most phenomenal display you’ll experience; romantic scenery, as dramatic as esthetic, and a full sensorial experience. For sure not the quietest place, as the falls thunder over the side of a mountain, giving the scenery a magisterial ambiance of the otherworld. Surrounded by a protected nature reserve, the place features as well a camping area if you want to enjoy an immersion in the majesty of the waterfalls.

Walk-behind a waterfall

If you feel like you want to extend your waterfall experience and you are ready for the next step, take a walk to the waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss, located 10 minutes-drive from Skogafoss. Walking actually behind the falls themselves is probably a dream of everyone who ever read “Tintin”, and one of the best things to do in Iceland.

Explore the Golden Circle Route

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Traveling along the Golden Circle Route has to be on your Iceland to-do list, as it’s the best promises to see some of the coolest places in Iceland as it encompasses a lot of incredible sites you don’t want to miss. You will get to see the iconic Strokkur Geyser, that erupts every few minutes, and the Gullfoss, literally “Golden Falls”, stunning equally in summer and winter, located on the river Hvita and offering an impressive display of the succession of two waterfalls. The Golden Circle usually takes around 4-5 hours to complete and gives you the opportunity to get a full picture of the essence of Iceland.

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