Fun Things to Do in an Airport or How to Entertain Yourself While Waiting for Your Flight

things to do in an airport

Almost all travelers are familiar with the flour of waiting for a flight during a flight delay or a long transfer. Most often, things to do in an airport are limited to visiting Duty-Free or having lunch at a restaurant. But there are places in the world with unusual and interesting offers that can diversify your pastime.

Best Activities at Different Airports around the World

Munich, Franz Josef Strauss Airport

This Munich airport has a museum of rare aircraft, a mini-golf course in the VIP-hall, and, most interestingly, its brewery, where excursions and tastings are held. Another tourist route runs through places closed to ordinary visitors: those who wish can see hangars and fire stations, get acquainted with the work of dispatchers, repairmen, and other airport staff. The machines with free coffee and tea would pleasantly surprise you. They offer a huge selection of drinks but are “hidden” in the remote corners of the terminals.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Now it is difficult to surprise air passengers with five-star restaurants and pubs, but the Dutch decided to stand out and opened a registry office at Schiphol International Airport. In case your wedding in the Maldives is postponed due to bad weather, you can get married right here.

If the wedding was not part of your plans, you can go to the rooftop and watch the planes take off on the panoramic terrace. In addition, Schiphol Airport has a library and a meditation room. Lovers of noisy rest would find delight in one of the many bars, some of which are open around the clock.

London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is known for frequent flight delays. Still, serving 70 million passengers a year is not an easy task. If your flight is marked with the “delayed” column, do not rush to be upset. It has not only restaurants with food from all over the world, but also its church.

The St George’s Interdenominational Chapel is located between terminals 1 and 3 in an underground bunker. In addition, at Heathrow you would always find priests of several religions and confessions: be they Catholic or Anglican, Islam or Buddhism.

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport with its fun games would appeal not only to adults but also to children. There is an interactive hall “Dreams Come True”, where children are invited to get acquainted with scientific phenomena. And while younger ones are having fun, parents can go to the Aviation Discovery Center and feel like a pilot at the helm of a real Boeing (of course, on a simulator).

If you manage to tear your children away from scientific discoveries in the interactive room, then a 3D cinema with the largest screen in Hong Kong awaits you. Golf connoisseurs would also be satisfied – a 9-hole course awaits them on the shores of an artificial lake.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Tired of long journeys and want to feel at home? Not a problem if you happen to be at Vantaa Airport in Helsinki. There is an unusual waiting room designed in the style of a city apartment with soft sofas, a private library, a TV with a game console, a kitchen, and bedrooms. There are products in the refrigerator, from which anyone can prepare their dinner.

Incheon International Airport, Korea

Stretch your legs before a long flight on … a real ice rink. Since the airport was opened in 2001, it has been recognized as the best in the world by Airports Council International more than once. Incheon airport terminals are teeming with all kinds of entertainment. How about golf or a walk in the conservatory? Tired of having fun – go to the massage room, after which you can have a cocktail in one of the gambling clubs.

Singapore Changi Airport

It is difficult to find another passenger complex that offers so many different entertainment options. In addition to the usual restaurants and shops (of which there are more than 300), the terminal has a garden of lilies, butterflies and sculptures, cinemas, parks for children, and even workshops where you can learn a traditional activity in Singapore – the art of woodcutting. Well, if these entertainments are not enough, then you can climb to the roof, equipped with a swimming pool overlooking the runway.

If your route passes through these cities then you don’t have to worry about things to do in the airport as you would not get bored here. But what if there are no such activities in your destination?

What to Do at the Airport?

Take Cool Photos

If you like photography, then the airport is one of the best places for you. After all, there is an opportunity to take photographs of airplanes as well as various props (refuellers, luggage carriers). You can take a lot of cool photos of these amazing machines. And you don’t have to pay for it!


At the airport, you can see the most different people. It is a mixture of cultures and behaviors. You have the opportunity to learn a lesson about what kind of parent you do not need to be, observe the behavior of other people and draw your conclusions.

Visit Shops

Of course, one of the fun things to do in an airport is shopping! You can go around various kiosks and shops and buy some souvenirs. It’s clear that the airport is overpriced, but if you have nothing else to do, you can just walk and watch.

Use Free Wi-Fi

Use Free Wi-Fi at airport

Most airports have free internet. Maybe you’ve already prepared your project or proposal but haven’t been able to send it to your boss yet. Ta-dam! Free Wi-Fi! Some good things are still free. But it’s worth keeping an eye on your security settings and not using online banking or anything like that.

Communicate with People

Communicate with People at airport

The airport is like a small world. It is a place where you can meet people of all different nationalities. You could talk to them to learn more about their country and customs. These people are also bored, and they would not mind having small talk.

Walk around the City

If you have not been here before and you have enough time, then walking around the city is a great way to spend your time. Each place has its architecture and flavor. You can grab a guidebook. All you need are documents, some local currency, and enough time. If you are not sure if it is safe for foreigners to walk in this city, ask the police.

Films and Computer Games

Film lovers or those who want to kill a couple of dozen monsters using their free time should download a movie or game to their laptops in advance. The main thing is not to forget to charge the device as well as to take with you the charger and the adapter to the standard outlet, which is in every waiting room.


Sleep at airport

If none of the proposed options suit you because you are too tired, you can use your free time to sleep. Put on your headphones so you wouldn’t be disturbed. Put on the hood if you don’t want people to see you sleeping with your mouth open. And don’t forget to set your alarm because you need to make sure you don’t miss your flight.

Wherever your path lies, pleasure can be obtained everywhere. And no matter how much you think about what to do at the airport while waiting for your flight, know that this is also a part of your life. And sometimes waiting for the plane can be brighter than the journey itself. So enjoy your life and have a good trip!

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