The weirdest night-clubs on the planet

weirdest night clubs

People who can be called an active clubber and cannot live without bright parties are usually hungry for new impressions and emotions. It is pretty difficult to impress them. That is why the get-together place nowadays must have some idea or even philosophy to attract spoiled and sophisticated party-goers.

Here are the most unusual and outstanding night-clubs in the world.

miDnight, Paris

It is stylized as a speed train – such a crazy midnight express, but you can buy a ticket only if you are an adult. You can visit a really cool party here. Besides a huge bar and well-equipped dance floor, there are special sleeping departments – for those, who were dancing to death. Also, you can visit a traditional restaurant and a multimedia room. In one word, here you can find entertainment for everybody.

Tramix, Prague

tramix prague photo

This is the party-place for crazy travelers. Tramix is the night-club on the wheels. Its route starts every weekend at 22:00 from Namesti Miru and finishes at 3:00 near the cult club Mecca. During the trip, you can enjoy the bar and dance floor with a capacity of 60 people.

The Bed, New-York

One of the most private night-clubs in the world. That’s why it is so much beloved by celebrities. Wish to see Britney Spears, Will Smith, or Hue Haffner? Come to The Bed on Saturday eve. Accommodate yourself nicely in one of the bed (as you don’t have the tables here) and enjoy the light trance and lounge music. This place is not for dancing to death – it is for admirers of relaxing and super-expensive cocktails.

La Fira, Barcelona

la fira barcelona photo

It is situated in the place of the former fair. So the atmosphere here is according. Funhouse mirrors, huge carrousels, fortune-telling machines, and hundred-year-old posters… If you are a party-goer and you are lucky to be in Barcelona – this place is highly recommended to be visited.

Miniscule of Sound, London

miniscule of sound london club

Is the smallest nightclub in the world. Can contain only 15 people in it, but that is the thing that values the most. If you want to feel yourself one of those 15 specials – welcome to Miniscule of Sound. Due to its size, the club can be easily relocated so sometimes it travels to other cities all over the world.

Guacara Taina (Santo Domingo)

Guacara Taina photo

If you are looking for a savage driver you have to buy a ticket to the Dominican Republic. Here you can find a unique cave night-club, hidden in the rocks. Due to natural acoustic, the sound-systems can produce that many kilowatts that you can feel the ground shaking. They even say that the images on the walls are authentic and go back to the Neanderthals epoch.

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