The Most Friendly Countries in the World

friendly countries

Usually, tourists think only about the places they can see in the country, but sometimes locals give more positive emotions than sights. A warm welcome turns a tour into an unforgettable experience with strangers.


Canadians are the first on the list of the most condescending nations. People are open to everything, extremely tolerant and hospitable. Shop assistants, hotel staff, and even strangers give smiles and endless politeness.

There is magnificent scenery here, from wild beaches to high mountains, plenty of wildlife and other interesting places besides the friendliness of Canadians.

New Zealand

Local people always smile at each other and strangers. It is a tradition. This country is very friendly and sympathetic. Travelers will have a meal, left for the night, and get a free car rental for convenient sightseeing. The locals will show you the way, serve you well in restaurants, and simply enjoy talking about different topics.


Oman is one of the sunniest countries in the world. Perhaps that is why good and kind people live there. Locals are friendly to foreigners, they are happy to help and invite strangers to their homes, offer coffee or fruits.

In addition, Oman is the fourth safest country in the world. There are practically no crimes there; the population is cordial and hospitable to travelers.


Ireland is not only one of the most beautiful countries in the world; it is also famous for its cheerful and generous people. Citizens are happy to laugh at your joke and know many interesting stories too.

Ireland is an extraordinary country called “Emerald Island”, it is full of natural resources and beautiful landscapes.

It is easy to make new acquaintances here. You can go for a walk to almost any pub and have a pint. Irish hospitality is known all over the world and their laughter is catchy.


Portugal is an ideal holiday destination with beautiful beaches, ancient castles, and charming settlements. Here you will find gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, various music, and dance festivals, and most importantly, people known all over the world for their kindness and openness.

Locals can invite tourists home and have a quiet conversation with a glass of wine. The people of the country are sociable. They are loyal to everyone and it is easy to start a business or buy an apartment in the country.

It is possible to add more than one country to this list, but you also need to stay open to people to feel welcome and to experience the full hospitality of the locals.

If the friendliness of the continent tires you out, you can always go to paradise in the middle of the Atlantic.

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