The most dangerous places in the world

most dangerous natural places in the world

Even though the whole world seems like a dangerous place in the dystopian time we live in right now, there are still some places you’d rather not set foot. Crime, weather, disease, corruption, or natural conditions make some destinations the most dangerous places to travel. We made a list of the most dangerous places to visit, either to satisfy everyone’s macabre fancy or, for the most fearful, to consider it as a non-exhaustive index of the places you’d rather keep your distances with.

Some of the most dangerous travel destinations remain popular tourist spots

Among dangerous travel destinations, a lot of countries themself are dangerous but still accessible for any individual.

Most of the countries of America Latina for example host some of the most unsafe places to travel, and despite the beauty of their landscape, their warm and vibrant culture, and some of the world’s best archeological sites, the violent organized crime, the number of kidnapping, robberies, carjackings, and drug-related crimes turn them into the most dangerous tourist destination. Among them, we count Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, or Brazil; all of them suffering from great poverty, as a result of a disastrous political situation, and suffering people fighting and protesting passionately to live and survive.

Conflicts of the Middle East

As well, the increase of terrorist attacks all over the world made some of the destinations especially affected by the cause and the conflicts of the Middle East, the most dangerous areas in the world. Egypt, Turkey, the Philippines, or Kenya, might still be destinations highly prized by tourists, but with the increase of the tensions, some of the attacks have now targeted popular tourist areas, and despite their amazing landscapes, cultural sites, and smell of spices, they are a no longer safe place to travel to. If you still want to do so, avoid the crowded area, try to travel with someone local that will give you good advice, and keep yourself updated about the current situation.

As well, the primitivism of some places made the traveling of minorities pretty unsafe still in some countries, and among them Russia, despite its iconic architecture, vast and varying landscapes, remain dangerous not only for its crime due to civil and political tensions but as well for the rise of violent hate crimes against racial and ethnic minority travelers.

Death Road

most dangerous tourist destination

Some of the most dangerous places on earth can be as unsuspected as beaches, valleys, roads, or even coasts. One of the deadliest natural places on earth is Death Road. As mentioned in the name, this road, due to the fog, the landslides, waterfalls, and cliffs falling 2,000 feet, is the most unsafe in the world, and is highly unrecommended, unless you want to undergo a near-death experience, with the film of your life running in front of your eyes each turn. Almost 300 drivers get lost every year on the road and lose their lives tragically on those macabre tracks.

Madidi National Park

One of the most dangerous natural places in the world is with no doubt Madidi National Park, along the Amazon River in Bolivia. Around 19,000 square kilometers of a dense forest, hosting all kinds of predators and some of the most dangerous plant species, it’s recommended not to visit it n your own. Considered as one of the largest protected areas of the world for hosting highly dangerous animals, birds, and plants.

The Gates of hell

Another dangerous place on earth is the Gates of hell. You probably want to stay away from this prior vision of purgatory, located in Turkmenistan. This natural gas field contains an underground cave that burns since 1971, when geologists, who wanted to prevent methane gas from spreading, sat up a fire. This impressive crater of 70 meters in diameter and spreading across an area 60 meters long and over 20 meters deep, is since then a real vision of hell, which gave him his tremendous nickname.

Desert of Danakil

most dangerous places

Last but not least, the deadly desert of Danakil in East Africa. This total no man’s land is actually an impressive volcanically active area, and probably the world’s most deserted location. The temperatures regularly exceed 50° C, a real inferno, and probably what hell feels like. The high concentration of poisoning vapors sulfur due to the toxic gas of the volcanoes and geysers added to the hardly livable weather makes it one of the most dangerous places on earth, and staying there too long can cause death to any individual, doesn’t matter how strong are your physical capacities.

You know now where to go if you want to spice up your life and if you are not afraid of extreme experiences, to meet yourself from another angle.

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