The most dangerous Caribbean Islands


Caribbean Islands are the diver’s dream, with their white sand beaches and its crystal blue water; the best recipe for a picture-postcard view and the best gateway. But not every island of the Caribbean is safe, and the paradise has also its dark side. Even if most of the Caribbean is perfect for a dreamlike vacation with your family or your lover, snakes, wild animals, paranormal stories, poverty, violence, crimes are making those Caribbean islands unsafe to travel to. Which is the most dangerous Caribbean island? We did for you a review of the Caribbean islands unsafe for travel to prevent you from any risky situation.

Snake island

Probably one of the most dangerous Caribbean islands, its name should be enough of a hint. Ophiophobic people, if you are looking for an exotic holiday destination, avoid the island of Queimada Grande. Located about 33 km off the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, the island of 430,000 square meters is the one that concentrates the most snakes. There are between 2,000 and 4,000 snakes living on Queimada Grande, which is equivalent to…one snake every 75 square meters.

The snake breed that leaves there is one of the most venomous in the world; called the «Golden Spearhead Viper», this endemic species of the island is very dangerous. Their venom can cause death if the infection is not treated in time. Don’t panic, many vaccines are available in Brazil or Mexico.

If the island is closed to the public, folklore and stories echoing adventurers crazy enough to explore it are numerous… and never end well. These include a fisherman who landed on the island in search of bananas or a family of a lighthouse keeper who lived there, the lighthouse that has since then become the landmark of the island’s snakes… Stay away from this unsafe Caribbean island if you don’t want any troubles.

Great Isaac Cay, Bahamas

caribbean islands unsafe for travel

Great Isaac Cay is a steep and inhospitable islet, located in the far north of the Bimini Archipelago in the Bahamas. If this small island has nothing of paradise land to bask in the sun on long white sand beaches, it is one of the most fascinating places on Earth for anyone who loves paranormal stories and unexplained phenomena.

In 1859 a 46-meter high lighthouse was built to guide ships through the Bermuda Triangle. For nearly a century, guards took turns there until two of them disappeared 10 years later, in 1969. Mysteriously. We’ll never know what happened to them, their bodies having completely evaporated.

Following this tragic event, the Great Isaac Light was automated, emitting a white beam every 15 seconds to sailors up to 23 nautical miles. The rest of the buildings in the enclosure were abandoned. A legend even tells that in the 19th century, a boat would have been shipwrecked on the island with only one survivor, a baby. Since then, the mother, nicknamed the «Grey Lady», haunts and laments on the island on full moon nights.

Although the grounds of La Cay are open to the public and the island attracts many curious, the few lower steps of the tower are missing and the bunkers and storage buildings are locked. The exploration of the island is expected and is part of the fun, although falling on the rocks or climbing the rusty stairs of the lighthouse are quite dangerous activities…provided that you can actually reach the island.

Saba, Netherlands Antilles

unsafe caribbean islands

This unknown jewel of the Caribbean is a true paradise on Earth. Belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, its landscapes worthy of the most beautiful movie sets make it a dream destination. With its very relaxed atmosphere, its inhabitants are warm and are among the most welcoming people. The perfect mix between village life and a Caribbean lifestyle, help, and sharing are the keywords on this island.

As proof, a small prison exists on the island but is mainly used for visitors and travelers when there are no more rooms available. Another important feature is that the small island of Saba has one of the most beautiful underwater worlds on our planet; its majestic biodiversity and multicolored corals make it a dream dive spot.

Idyllic, then why is it one of the most dangerous islands in the world? The small island of Saba has been hit by the heaviest hurricanes in the past 150 years, more than any other island in the region, including 15 category 3 and 7 category 5 hurricanes. You better visit this island only in winter…

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