The most beautiful beaches in Europe


Emerald sea, soft sand, luxurious nature is an inexhaustible attribute of an ideal beach holiday. Paradise places do exist, and some of them are the best European beach vacations. Those who love to relax on the beach should visit these amazing places of nature.

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Balos, Greece

Balos beach

Balos Beach is one of the golden beaches of Crete. It can be reached either by car (but it is quite a challenge, as there is no decent road) or as part of an organized tour to the island of Gramvousa from Kissamos port. Boats sail almost every hour.

Why is the beach unique? Firstly, by the fact that there are dozens of shades of water, that created by three seas that meet here. Try to determine what sea you are swimming in now! The number of shades of blue and the purity of the water is unbelievable. Add beautiful sand and a small bay where children can splash, and you will fall in love with this place forever.

You can admire the unique phenomenon of nature on the Mediterranean beaches of Crete. The white sand and fascinating scenery make Balos one of the best beaches in Greece.

Rondinara, France

Rondinara in France

The best French beach is located in Corsica. The clear water of the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful nature make it popular with tourists.

Rondinara beach is known mainly for the form of the homonymous gulf. A blue seashell surrounds a dazzling white shore. Natural protection from the weather allows you to enjoy the quiet water among the picturesque scenery. One of the best beaches in Mediterranean and beach destinations Europe can offer.

Cala Goloritze, Italy

Cala Goloritze in Italy

It is not just a mediterranean sea beach, but a real national landmark of Italy. And it is not a joke, because the shore received such a title in 1995. The small coast with snow-white, fine-grained pebbles is surrounded by rocks, so coming here isn’t easy. It is severely illegal to pick up stones and bring any ship closer than 300 meters from the shore. The water is crystal clear.

The best way to reach Cala Goloritsa beach is by water by landing in the nearby gulf. The other option is walking. It takes about 1.5 hours to get down the mountain and 2-2.5 hours to get back up. Yes, long, but fortunately, the views are fantastic. Cala Goloritze is one of the top European beach vacations.

Playa de Rodas, Spain

Playa de Rodas in Spain

Rhodes Beach is located on the Cies islands just a few miles from the coast of Vigo, Pontevedra, you can get to the beach by boat, and several ferries operate on a regular basis in the summer. Remember that Cies Islands only receive 2200 visitors per day, so we recommend booking in advance.

As soon as you get here, you won’t be disappointed. Playa Rodas is like one of the best beaches Spain has, with its beautiful sand and the sea shining in colors like the Caribbean. It looks so tempting, you’ll want to swim, but the Atlantic Ocean in Europe is usually wintry; the best thing to do is to put on your diving suit and go snorkeling.

Dona Ana, Portugal

Dona Ana in Portugal

Praia de Dona Ana is 260 meters long and within walking distance of the Lagos center (there are a bus and mini train in season) is stunningly beautiful

It is the most photographed beach in the Algarve. It is regularly ranked among the Top 10 best beaches in Portugal and according to some Travel Magazines, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Golden sand, the same color as the rocks, the beach framing, and the emerald shade of the ocean make it unique. And the shallow entrance and calm water in the protected bay is very comfortable.

All this together gives only one side effect – it is always crowded during the season, and trying to find a place can turn into an unsolvable problem at the weekend. Moreover, the afternoon tide narrows the strip of sand almost in half.

The Emerald Sea, golden sand, and rocky shores fascinate tourists from all over the world. The beach is trendy among travelers and locals, but this does not prevent them from enjoying its beauty.

Bentham Beach, England

Bentham Beach in England

Bantham Beach is situated in a quiet town of Bentham, in the UK. This broad white beach attracts those who want privacy and thrills at the same time. Waves allow you to surf and near you can even find a surf academy to sharpen skills. But you can’t swim in peace or bathe a child here – it’s always windy in Bentham. This shore allows you to feel the ocean in Europe.

The best English beach is at the mouth of the Avon River. Come here to lounge in the beautiful sand, admire the dunes, and enjoy views of Bigbury Bay. It’s a popular spot for surfing enthusiasts.

Jaz, Montenegro

Jaz in Montenegro

If you are searching for the absolute right, reasonably private place to relax with children, Jaz beach is for you. It is one of the few beaches in Montenegro with a sandy surface (but closer to Budva, fine and coarse pebbles prevail). The water is always very warm because of its shallow depth.

There is a charge for beds and umbrellas, but you can get a place without them. Nearby there is a freshwater shower, several cafes, and a toilet. Among the water, attractions are ATVs and catamarans for hire.

The most charming crescent-beach near Budva is the pride of Montenegro. The golden beach and pleasant blue sea will appeal to anyone. By the way, the annual dance event is held there.

Curonian Spit, Russia-Lithuania

Curonian Spit

The sandy shore of the Curonian Spit divides the waters of the Curonian Gulf and the Baltic Sea. Its territory is a unique part of the planet, which belongs to two countries – Russia and Lithuania.

Features of the beaches are “frying pans” — the small patches of sand among vegetation, which protects sunbathers from the invasion of cool air. You can sunbathe on them from spring, as soon as the sun starts to blaze.

Swimming is possible on both sides of the spit, and water temperatures vary on different sides of the beach. The water in the bay warms up faster, as it is fresh. You can swim in the Baltic Sea later in July and September. In May it’s still cold to swim, but you can sunbathe.

The natural attraction stretches from the Kaliningrad region to the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda. Moving dunes, rare wildlife, astonishing scenery, and clean sea are ideal for a quiet beach holiday.

Cala Acciarino, Corsica, France

Lavezzi Island

Lavezzi Island is the place where people come for the purity of nature and incredible local scenery. Lavezzi is an unusual island formed by huge granite slabs. And Cala Acciarino is one of its most beautiful places: the cleanest beach with fine soft white sand, framed by huge blocks.

This unique terrain creates perfect conditions for underwater flora and fauna, so after relaxing on the beach and walking around, you can scuba dive and explore the underwater world of Lavezzi.

Take sunscreen, food, drinks, and everything you need to relax with you in advance because the island of Lavezzi is a reserve in the strict sense of the word, and almost no facilities for holidaymakers here.

Armação de Pêra Beach, Algarve, Portugal

Armaçao de Pera

Armaçao de Pera is a place that preserves the memory of Arab domination and the birth of Portuguese statehood and is also a popular resort today. Armaçao de Pera’s coastline is colorful, and unlike most other resorts, its vast expanses allow you to find a completely uninhabited place out of the reach of other vacationers.

The endless beautiful sands framed by rocky shores separate the ocean from the Ria Formosa Lagoon, while small coves are hidden from view by golden rocks. All shades of blue and azure tempt you to swim for a long time.

Be sure to visit these stunning places. Run away from the urban rush – the luxury of nature, clean air and water and beautiful sand is a real pleasure for the traveler.

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