The mistakes that almost all travelers make


Do not be afraid of making mistakes, especially if you are a novice tourist. Every trip will teach you something new and make you better. However, there are the most common mistakes you can avoid:

Choose a hotel on the outskirts

Yes, of course, it is much cheaper, but should you calculate how much money it will take to get from the outskirts to the sights and the city center? This difference will be equal to the amount you have to pay to live in the central part of the resort area.

Paying for free stuff

Why do you go sightseeing on the stuffy bus and see all the sights through the window? There are many websites where locals are willing to show tourists the beauty of their area free.

Do not read reviews

Every avid tourist knows that you need to get acquainted with more than a dozen reviews from real people before going anywhere. Travel gurus will always find out where to have a delicious and inexpensive lunch on the way.

Cash or card

There is one thing you should always remember when traveling: you cannot take only one payment method here, because the rules are unpredictable in a new country.

Fear of strangers

Many tourists, especially those who came by the company, do not let new people in. Getting to know the locals is a real treasure trove of information. After all, how great it will be to have a friend from another country!

It is not worth trying to see everything

This is a bad plan to cover all the excursions and sights on a ten-day holiday. It is better to enjoy each moment leisurely, breathing in the air of a new place.

Rest in the vacation season

Real Travel experts will never go on vacation when it is time for mass holidays. Why do you need to make your long-awaited relaxation time worse for crowds of tourists?

Buying tickets online

Many people are still skeptical about buying tickets online. Why do you have to stand in line for miles when you can buy a ticket in a couple of clicks?


You do not need to buy dubious Chinese magnets in Paris, learn more from the locals where the market is and go straight there! There you can definitely find something unique there.

Read our tips for beginners to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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