The main disadvantages of Singapore

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Singapore is becoming more and more popular among tourists and business people. It is a place with a clean environment, modern architecture, low crime rate, and developed tourist and business infrastructure. A traveler should remember that this is a state with strict laws and its specifics when coming here for new impressions. Some of them may seem to be significant drawbacks and affect the quality of travel.


The state is located close to the equator. It is always scorching and humid. This climate can harm an unused organism: at first, it can be hard to breathe. Unpredictable rains often happen here. However, all public places are air-conditioned, and there are no natural disasters.


Singapore is a city-state. The tourist is limited to the urban scale. There are few sights in Singapore, unlike trips to other countries, where you can go on a trip to a nearby city or get out on nature. Architecture is not diverse: most beautiful places are man-made. Prolonged stay in the country sometimes makes the traveler bored.


Singapore is a rapidly developing country that claims to be the business capital of the world. The cost of living here is quite high, and a trip here can hit your pocket hard. Prices for hotels, transport, products, and services are not low at all. Many tourists complain that materialism prevails here.

Strict laws

Singapore’s security is based on strict rules, the violation of which results in severe fines and unfortunate consequences. There are prohibitions and warning signs everywhere on the streets, which you should always pay attention to. Some laws seem ridiculous to tourists, but failure to comply with them can result in legal problems. For example, it is forbidden to eat chewing gum, smoke, and eat in public places, feed birds, stay outside after 22 hours, and litter in Singapore.

Despite some drawbacks, Singapore continues to attract foreigners and occupy high places in world attendance ratings. Many foreigners strive to move here for permanent residence, as the quality of life, economy, and medicine in Singapore is very high.

You will make a trip to Singapore an exceptionally positive journey if you prepare for your trip in advance and comply with local laws.

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