The Diving State in the Pacific Ocean

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The state in the Pacific Ocean, well located on atolls and islands, is famous for its stunning underwater world. Holidays in the Marshall Islands with sparkling sand coasts and mysterious reefs attract divers from all over the world. Plots of land scattered in oceanic waters are dotted with bizarre plants: fiery red forests of the butea, colorful hibiscus, and plumeria. Exotic crops, coconuts, and papaya are highly valued here.

The indigenous population of the Republic, the Marshallese, is an ethnic group. After two thousand years of isolation, the territory was occupied by colonizers. The wave of changing rulers included British and Russians, Japanese, and Americans. They all had an impact on the cultural component of the country.

Weather’s behavior is directly dependent on regional climatic conditions. Despite the clear features of a tropical climate, cool sea breezes and frequent rains have a significant impact on weather conditions. Heavy trade winds blowing from the north-east in winter and early March trigger increased humidity and rainfall.


The average annual air temperature is around 27 °C.

The thermometer column drops slightly during the cold period, delaying at 25°C.

Seawater with enviable constancy keeps the temperature from 22 to 23 degrees.

The probability of rain is almost the same all year round, but from January to March the number of dry days is maximum.

You need to prepare a lightweight wardrobe, based on summer clothes made of natural fabrics for travel to the Marshall Islands. Don’t forget waterproof clothes, raincoats, and umbrellas.

If you’d rather dive than watch the float, read about the Marshall Islands.


The capital, the economic and political center of the world’s least-visited state. Practically absent tourist interest has directly affected the infrastructure. The main city has only a couple of hotels. However, there is some zest in it. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere, just walk through the deserted streets, buy handmade souvenirs at low prices in the Marshall Islands. If you want to get to know the historical past, visit the Alele Museum.


This real dive paradise will reveal the relics of World War II, testifying to the bloody events of the mid-twentieth century, the richest underwater kingdom that has become a home for rays, sharks, and giant clams. A walk to the village and an introduction to local traditions and life will help distract you from diving.


Even impossible dreams sometimes become a reality for those who have a trip to the Marshall Islands. Decreased fame of the largest center of the dive sites – a direct proof of this. Shipwrecks of the period of the largest wars of the last century are ready to tell fascinating stories about the adventures in Oceania and tell about the devastating effects of war.

Crimes in resorts are rare. Hurricanes and typhoons are much more dangerous.

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