The coldest cities on earth

one of the coldest cities in the world

Winter always rhymes with cold, but the temperatures hardly reach the bone-chilling temperatures of minus 60 degrees Celsius, like in the village of Oymyakon in Russia Siberia, considered as the city with the coldest temperature ever recorded in the world.

So, if winter is always cold, in some parts of the world, it is ruthless. If you have the mind of steel, and don’t fear bitter cold temperatures, here is a review of the coldest major cities in the world. Where is the coldest city on earth today? From the Siberian tundra to the wild nature of Canada or the extreme North-East of China, discover the coldest cities in the world where winter is the longest and the harshest on earth.

There you go, the five coldest cities now where the winter season is particularly freezing.

Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia

If you wonder what is the coldest city on earth, and what is the coldest city in the world record, no doubt, it’s Yakutsk city, the capital of Sakha Republic in Russia. About 282 400 people live in this city located 500 kilometers from the arctic circle. In January, the coldest month of the year, with average temperatures oscillating between minus 38° and minus 41°C. In 1891, the mercury dropped down until minus 64°C. Besides this bitterly cold weather, the cold season usually starts much sooner in Iakoutsk than in any other city in the world: the average maximum temperature for the 1st of October is minus 1°C only…

Yellowknife, territories of the North-West, Canada

coldest cities now

The capital of the North-West Territories was founded in 1934 on the banks of the Great Slave Lake, located 500 kilometers from the arctic circle. This city was born from the mining industry and count today 20000 inhabitants. In winter, the typical ice roads of this region are arranged to facilitate the movements of the members of the community.

In January, because of the subarctic climate, the minimum temperatures can drop below minus 32 °C, while the maximum temperatures usually hardly exceed minus 21°C. A cold record of minus 51°C was recorded on the 1st February 1947. In 2014, Yellowknife received the title of the coldest city in Canada. Besides, from mid-November to mid-April, the long and clear nights offer perfect conditions to observe the Northern Lights.

Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

where is the coldest city on earth today

One of the coldest cities in the world is Harbin, located in the North-West of China, and capital of the Province of Heilongjiang, hosting more than 10 million inhabitants. Because its winter climate very harsh, Harbin is often called “The City of Ice”. Winter is now part of the DNA of the city: every year, the city hosts international Festivals of ice and snow, one of the most important festivals of its kind in the world. In January, the normal minimum temperatures vary between minus 22°C and minus 24°C. Temperatures of minus 42°C already have been recorded during the cold season.

Dudinka, Kraï of Krasnoïarsk, Russia

Dudinka is located in the North of the arctic circle and on the banks of the Ienisseï River, in Siberia. In winter, the few 20000 inhabitants of the city, one of the most northern in the world, have to brave extreme meteorological conditions. The average temperatures in January oscillate between minus 24.5°C and minus 33°C. A few years ago, the neighborhoods of the city literally froze during a violent snowstorm. The water pipes literally exploded and the streets were flooded, while the thermometer was indicating minus 40°C. Some cars were therefore completely blocked in ice.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

city with the coldest temperature ever recorded in the world

The capital of Manitoba, that counts more than 715000 inhabitants, is one of the biggest cold city in Northern America. In January, the minimum temperatures oscillate between minus 20°C and minus 22°C. Throughout History, Winnipeg has known temperatures extremely freezing: mercury dropped below minus 45°C on the 18th of February 1966 and below minus 47,8°C on the 24th of December 1879, what a crazy Christmas…

There you go, pack warm clothes and don’t forget your courage! You know now the coldest place on earth.

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