The best season to go to Ireland

best season to travel to ireland

Ireland is often renowned for having gloomy weather with a rainy and rather a heady climate. Despite this collectively shared conception, Ireland exhibits a variation in climate and this makes it a unique place to visit whose atmosphere varies with the weather. Each month has its own unique climate. So what you will experience and see when visiting Ireland in May will certainly be very different than when you visit it in September. Because of that, we have put together a guide to discover when is the best time to visit Ireland according to the activities you want to experience during your trip. Whether it is to discover the natural charms of the island, you venture into the cities to drink beers in traditional pubs, or to go to a traditional music festival, we invite you to discover the climate that will make you enjoy to the best of your trip. Ireland is exciting, modern, and every corner stands out from the others. The many coves and peninsulas that encircle the country will leave you with just as many choices to explore at your leisure. So What is the best time to go to Ireland? Continue reading to get your answer.

Best time of year to visit Ireland: The climate in general

best season to go to ireland

Ireland has an extremely humid climate. As a result, it can rain for several days in a row, and one is forced to stay indoors. It is mainly for this reason that pubs are very present in Irish culture. Ireland does have some sunny days, especially in May, June, July, and August. If you want to have a sunny trip, this is the preferred period you should plan your coming trip to go to Ireland, as well as the month of September, which is often very pleasant too. Although the rain is very present, the Irish winters are quite mild, and the summer too. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 20 degrees. Thus, the rain is one of the risks of your trip, regardless of the season. But one cannot predict the climatic conditions in Ireland, and the natural and cultural richness of the country largely deserves to take the risk.

Summer: Best time to travel to Ireland

best months to visit ireland

If you want to experience Ireland with sunshine and a warm temperature, you will need to be there from June to September. It’s obviously the best time of the year to go to Ireland. The temperatures are pleasant and not too hot. This allows you to enjoy the freshness of the air. Likewise, it is the best season to visit Ireland because you will probably avoid making your visits in the rain. During this season, nature shines in all its splendor so we recommend that you go on an adventure in the beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see.

Winter in Ireland

best season to visit ireland

Winter in Ireland runs from November through March. Going to Ireland in winter is not considered the best month to visit Ireland. Indeed, if the temperatures are low and the rains are unleashed on the country, you may spend your stay locked inside. However, the advantage is that you will find several activities inside such as museums, pubs with concerts and music or even cozy hotels in the middle of nature to enjoy listening to the rain by a fireplace.

Best time of year to travel to Ireland for a hiking trip

If you want to experience the beauty of Ireland, there is nothing more worth it than walking around and hiking it. For this, the best months to visit Ireland will be from June to September.

You can start by exploring the stunning trails around Glendalough, which is a former monastic city, and walk the old pilgrimage path from St Declan’s Way to Ardmore Cliffs. If you want to continue your journey of discovery on foot, Killarney National Park is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. After this immersion in the heart of nature, Dublin will make you feel like you’re in a dream thanks to its exceptional and medieval architecture. In summer, you can enjoy beers on the terraces and take a stroll in the fresh air. Go preferably during the summer months and in September to avoid the rain, even if in Ireland nothing protects you from experiencing a heavy downpour, regardless of the season.

The best month to travel to Ireland to go to Irish festivals

best month to go to ireland

If you want to discover Irish festivals and dance to the sound of traditional sounds, the best month to go to Ireland is in June, July, August, and September. Indeed, if you want to experience Ireland to the fullest and discover its culture, the best times will be summer and early fall. As soon as the rain stops, festivals are organized all over the country. In June, you can have your greatest laughs at the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival where comedians from all over the world come together in Kilkenny. No need to travel, because in August in the same city, the Kilkenny Arts Festival takes place with thousands of artistic productions on display. For the month of July, in County Clare, the Willie Clancy Summer School will allow you to experience traditional music. You can also attend the Galway Arts Festival which also takes place in July with plays, art, music, and comedy. Also in Galway, the International Oyster Festival is held in September, where you can experience the best Guinness trio, concerts, and above all oysters!

Best season to visit Ireland for a sports trip

best month to travel to ireland

Ireland offers activities for all tastes and if you want to go there for a sporting trip, you will have to think about leaving from February to October. Here you will discover many outdoor sports activities such as deep sea fishing or lessons at the County Sligo Golf club. Nothing will be more worth it doing your sport with the ascent of Croagh Patrick which offers a breathtaking view. In the event of rain, you have nothing to fear because there are also unique indoor activities. You can for example enjoy taking cooking classes in Cork which are very much appreciated. Although you should avoid leaving during the winter months, you will always find something to enjoy. You can also experience drumming lessons as well as all the folklore culture at Craiceann Inis Oirr International Bodhran Summer School.

In this article, we have made you discover the best season to go to Ireland according to the climate and the activities that interest you the most. Whether you are a festival fan, a hiking enthusiast, or a sports fan, Ireland has something for everyone.

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