The Best Place to Sit on a Plane

best seat on the plane

Flying is always an adventure. When you fly for the first time, you feel that something supernatural is happening. Man magnifies nature and rises to the sky. The only thing that can spoil the experience is the inevitable inconvenience associated with the flight.

Food, power socket, toilet, sleep, and even life – all this depends on where you get on the airplane. It can completely change your impression of the journey. But you won’t have to doubt the best place to sit on a plane — we chose it and are ready to share our research.

Comfort is easy to overlook, but if your feet can’t get straight for a few hours, it can drive you crazy. Most of the problems encountered by passengers are solved by buying more expensive tickets. However, we will not answer what is the best seat in business class, as our general recommendations apply to everyone.

How to choose the best seat in the flight?

So to choose the best seat in the flight, you need to decide what you need. Each of us has our personality and unique needs. We will consider the most common requests but start with security.

Many accidents have become safety statistics, unfortunately. An airplane crash is an extreme situation during which not many manage to survive. Too many factors affect the behavior of an aircraft during a crash. It makes any assumption a question of probability. However, the facts tell us that those who flew at the end of an airplane survived more than others. It makes the tail the safest place to sit on a plane.

If you want to sleep

where to seat on the plane

If you want to sleep through these unpleasant moments, then your main enemy is turbulence. It is a chaotic movement of wind at the junction of air layers of different temperatures. And although theoretically, it is preventable, few flights do not do without shaking. If you are afraid of it or just want to sleep, the best place to sit on a plane for less turbulence is a spot above the wing. Physically, it’s the center of the ship’s balance, and it’s the least fluctuating.

If you like to stay awake

If you like to stay awake during the flight, you should think about sitting next to the power socket. Of course, in each airline the position of devices is different, and you’d better check your plane on the Internet before traveling. However, the universal advice is to choose an unpopular seat in the middle. Since the charging phones and laptops’ facilities are usually divided between a row under your feet, it will be easier for you to connect to the network being in the middle. It is just the best place to sit on a plane for those who do not want to cause additional embarrassment.

Those who want to capture their journey for subscribers should choose places at the window. Shots of takeoff and landing attract attention and collect a lot of likes. However, the use of telephone communication can interfere with the operation of on-board navigation systems. Do not forget to put your phone in flight mode so as not to violate the rules. Moreover, a standard picture from a height will get less views than a photo with the wing of the plane in the frame. So the place near the window above the wing is the best seat on a plane if you want cool pictures.

People who have parameters above average (we are talking at least about height) need more space. Inside the plane, it can be a problem if you do not fly in business class. So for a passenger with long legs, it is better to sit in an airplane near the aisle.

Traveling with children

safest place on the plan

Traveling with children requires extra effort from parents and passengers nearby. The best solution is to get rid of some of these passengers. It will provide extra space where your offspring can stretch and move around a little. Therefore the best place on the plane for passengers with children will be the first seats after the bulkhead.

The best seat on an airplane for those who dream to leave this place as soon as possible is closer to the front of the plane. This will allow you to save another minute onboarding and breathe the air of the new airport as early as possible.

As you can see, the most comfortable airline seats may even be the middle one in a row if it suits your needs. So you need to define your travel style and understand what you value the most during your trip. It allows you to find the best place to sit on a plane for yourself. Travel more and accumulate experience — it allows you to adjust yourself and avoid the inconveniences associated with the flight.

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