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In the actual context, traveling feels like an old dream and has a taste of a past privilege. But it’s still allowed to plan your next travel for when this hard period will be behind us. How big can a carry-on bag be, how many carry-on bags are allowed, or how heavy can a carry-on be are so many questions you need to figure out to be ready for your next big trip.

Don’t worry, here are all the answers to those questions, so when the dystopia will be over, no more excuses to pack your stuff and hit the road again. We all know friends or are ourselves masters in overpassing the airline’s carry-on weight limits or company’s laws, but if we want to prepare at best to avoid any added costs that could ruin the beginning of our big journey, here are all the information you need to have in order to make this trip as perfect as possible.

What size suitcase can you carry-on?

how to measure a carry on bag

Even though each airline’s company has more or less its own policies, most of them have the same standards regarding the airline carry-on luggage dimensions allowed in the plane. Usually, the airline carry-on luggage size limits are 22” x 14” x 9”.

Does carry-on luggage size include wheels? The answer is yes, as well the handle, so you need to be careful about that also. Those measurements for carry-on bags are not only made to make you pay more fees in the case your baggage would overpass the limit, but it’s also, first of all, to make sure there will be enough room for everyone’s bag in the overhead bin.

What size suitcase you can carry on in the plane is also important to respect to make sure they won’t put it with the checked luggage. If you respect it, you will have the security to have control over them as they will be next to you. Indeed, you’ll be able to have with you in the flight all your important belongings such as computers or other electronic devices to make sure they won’t be damaged as they could be as checked luggage.

What is the limitation of weight for domestic carry-on baggage?

Not every airline company imposes a restriction of weight for the carry-on luggage, so with Delta, Southwest, or JetBlue for example, no need to worry too much about it. As long as they fit the size limitations rules and they fit in the storage above your head you have all the freedom to fill them with all your fantasies.

As well, even if an airline company fixes a weight limit, it anyway won’t restrict you so much as it seems very unlikely to overpass this weight limitation. Most of the time, if a weight limit is imposed it’s mostly for small flights, due to safety regulations and you better follow them for the best of the passengers. As long as your luggage doesn’t seem over packed or overloaded, you should be pretty safe.

Which items can I put in my carry-on luggage?

does carry on luggage size include wheels

This might be the critical question as every carry-on luggage has to pass first a check, and you don’t want to see your precious items detained or thrown away at the airport just before entering the plane. The regulation is really important as well for the safety of each passenger, so you won’t be surprised to discover that firearms, lithium batteries, or other potentially dangerous items won’t be allowed in the cabin.

As well, make sure that you don’t take with you any liquids as harmless they can be because they will end up in the trash. So, don’t take any liquids that exceed a tea mound of 100 ml, you don’t want to see your precious 80 $ perfume taken away from you at the security check. You can always buy the essentials at the duty-free or prepare in advance and transfer some of your favorite products in smaller plastic bottles made especially for flight.

Can I carry with me another bag?

Many airlines allow in addition to your carry-on luggage a personal item. This can include a laptop bag, purse, briefcase, or even a beach bag, the only restriction is that it has to be small enough to be carried under your front seat. You need to check it with your airline company as it varies a lot, and some can be very specific about it. You need to make sure that your added item is smaller than your carry-on baggage. We recommend you check it directly with your company not to have any bad surprise at the security gate.

How to choose the best carry-on luggage?

Apart from the fashion side of the question, you have to find luggage that will be comfortable enough to fit your needs as a traveler. The suitcase shouldn’t be a burden for you and should be suitable for any situation as you will have to transport it, especially if you are constantly on the road. It can be a backpack or a rolling one, but the most important is the quality and the insurance that it will be durable.

If you are a traveler aficionado this question should be central when you organize your vacations. As well, it should be affordable, because if you travel only once a year, no need to put too much money into it as it will just be a waste. For a globetrotter, we recommend the backpack, the best option to travel everywhere, in the hardest conditions as much as in the easiest, and if you are a city “flâneur”, the two-wheel rollaboards or four-wheels spinners are the best options for you. For you now to know which kind of traveler you are.

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