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Traveling solo as a female can be frightening, and we often tend to believe that the reassuring presence of a strong and safe man by our sides is necessary to see the world. But don’t be misled, those ideas are wrong, and you are indeed strong enough to backpack and discover every corner of the planet. We often tend to be safe in our choices, with France, Switzerland, Netherlands, or Sweden as our comfort zone and leading destinations, but usually not without a tad of frustration; the great adventurer of us being kept locked deep inside our soul.

European countries indeed usually appear more fitting to solo trips for women, and the best compromise for a taste of freedom without too much danger on the horizon; but if you follow our tips and advice, Asia, America Latina, or even Africa will be in no time all yours. We guarantee here the best recipe for the best solo trips for females. Pack your bag, and be ready to discover the best destinations for solo female travelers.

How to travel safely? Tips for females’ trips

places to travel alone female
  • First of all, here are some upstream tips to be safe as a solo traveler in any situation. Before anything, find an intent to your destination; make the reasons you want to visit this country or city clear, if it’s because of a book you read, a movie you saw, or simply friends that told you about the place; make sure you make clear what’s drawing you to this destination and what are the purposes of your visit; your experience will be more enjoyable.
  • Make sure to have a plan for your first night; having a hotel, an Airbnb, or a room at a host is super important so you will have time to calm down and rest before entering the big journey. As well, this foothold will help you make your marks and reassure you before bigger steps.
  • Try to travel as light as possible and pack only strictly what is necessary; you will not only feel freer, but much more mobile. Don’t tell people where is your accommodation, and if they ask try to be vague, it shouldn’t be so hard; you need to keep your safe haven to yourself.
  • Try to find people to eat with you, it’s the perfect time to meet other travelers, or get to know local people. As well, try to find other solo female travelers to walk part of the way together and build strong friendships; for this, hostels are the best, where great solidarity between women can be observed.
  • Keep your belongings always on you, and lock the essential in a safe place; there is no room for clumsy or dreamer; you can’t space out when you travel alone, you have to be on it 24/7! Finally, try to stay as much local as you can and to get involved in the life of the place you visit; meeting locals, creating friendships, and connect with them is not only essential to getting to know the culture of a place, as well as the key for a safe trip.

If you follow those tips, you can travel to almost any place in security! But here is a selection of our favorite spots for the perfect vacations for women traveling alone.

Lombok, Indonesia

Bali is known as one of the top destinations for tourists in the world, all coming to discover this little piece of paradise soaking in the Indian ocean. This (sometimes tiring) over-tourism makes the place one of the safest and is, therefore, one of the favorite solo female travelers’ destinations.

But if you want to find all the beauty and magic of Bali, less the crowd, Lombok is the best alternative for you. This wonderful piece of heaven has all the stunning landscapes of Bali but is much cheaper and more authentic. It’s the ideal destination for solo travelers to socialize and connect with other solo travelers, as people usually hang out at the same spot, like Kuta, or at the same beaches.

Siargao, The Philippines

Located in the North of the Philippines, this teeny-tiny island is one of the best solo female traveler destinations and is the ideal place for water lovers. You can enjoy driving on the island on a solo motorbike as the road are mostly flat and easy, and if you are a surfer, you’ll find here everything you’ve ever dreamt of; a real playful paradise for a feeling of intense freedom. Meeting other solo travelers is getting each year easier as the island is getting more and more popular, but if you prefer to stay alone, the place is still pretty quiet and not yet overcrowded by tourists.

Beach Bums, Zanzibar

safe destinations for solo female travellers

Who said Africa was a scary continent to visit? You’ll change immediately your mind when stepping on the white-sand beaches and turquoise blue waters of Zanzibar. The festive ambiance, the reggae music, the young spirit of the locals make it one of the top places to travel solo as a female. Just be sure to lock your stuff safely, and you are ready to enjoy the beach. A lot of tourists love to visit the place, so you won’t have any trouble making friends.

Galapagos (Galápagos Islands)

These little floating paradises are our little favorites as very few places in the world offer the possibility to get so close to unique birds, reptiles, and sea critters in such a safe environment. The animals became a real purpose to visit the island, and therefore meeting people from all over the world was never so easy.

A real familial spirit is wrapping the place, and the presence of the animals makes it really otherworldly. The rich wildlife of the place hosts all kinds of incredible reptiles, such as Iguanas, Tortoises, turtles, or snakes. Don’t worry, all of it in a safe zone, surrounded by locals that take care of explaining to you very well how to act in front of those; a real exciting adventure.

Patagonia, El Chalten Argentina

South America can be hard for solo female travelers as the warm culture there appears to be more attacking than really flattering, and feminism or the “me too” movement apparently didn’t cross the Atlantic; catcalling, harassment, or stalkers to deal with. For the solo travelers who came to meet new people but want to, El Chalten is probably one of the most social places in Patagonia, which makes it one of the best places to travel alone as a female.

El Chalten is the best mix of nature and social activities. Nature there is stunning, and you’ll find a lot of hiking paths, as much as a lot of social opportunities. This place is a real breath of fresh air, far from the catcalls of Buenos Aires, where hostels are warm and friendly places, and where you’ll only meet people with good intentions, that came to enjoy the beautiful landscapes; definitely one of the best trips for a woman traveling alone.

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