Small Travel Trailers with Slide Outs or the Best Mobile Homes for Travelers

small slide out campers

The main charm of mobile homes is their uniqueness. Some are designed for comfortable living, others are so autonomous that they allow you to break away from civilization for a long time. The third does not need roads, and the fourth is simply beautiful. But all small campers with slide-out are incredibly practical, which is why they attract so much attention.

It is impossible to be indifferent to small campers with slide-out. Even if we are not going to buy such a car or rent it, we are still happy to look at the photos, imagining how mentally you can spend time here. Wake up and see the mountains, river, or sea outside the window, and not the windows of the “man” opposite, have breakfast in nature, inhale the aroma of coffee with smoke, and then drive a little more and find yourself in a completely different picturesque place.

A special pleasure is the thoughtfulness of the interior space of small travel trailers with slide-outs, where every corner makes sense and can be used for several purposes. And all this is mobile, autonomous, independent.

We have selected several campervans that are interested in their solutions or have unique characteristics, as well as those in the creation of which an extraordinary ingenuity was shown.

Let’s start!

4 Small Travel Trailers with Slide Outs

small campers with slide out

Solifer Artic 500

The best small travel trailer with a slide-out in 2020 is the Solifer Artic 500, a small trailer from a Finnish company that makes the best motorhomes for cold climates.

This small travel trailer with a slide-out is suitable for year-round travel. The kit includes two large tents (winter and summer). Small but cozy caravan living area includes:

  1. a double bed (it can comfortably accommodate three of us);
  2. 2 additional folding berths;
  3. refrigerator;
  4. gas stove with hood;
  5. radio;
  6. television;
  7. blinds on the windows;
  8. shower and toilet.


  1. Small trailer with slide-outs – easy to navigate city roads
  2. One of the smallest travel trailers with slide-out is equipped with additional brakes
  3. Living in a trailer is comfortable at temperatures up to 86 °F
  4. Kitchen hood and dish drainer
  5. Private room
  6. Sturdy, reliable frame
  7. The battery is charged while driving
  8. With a short single axle trailer, it is convenient to maneuver on the road


  1. 1. The trailer can not be attached to all car models
  2. 2. At a speed of more than 62 mph, the camper can start skidding
  3. 3. Shakes on off-road
  4. 4. Travel speed is slower than on passenger cars
  5. 5. One water tank
  6. 7. Need additional rear-view mirrors
  7. 8. To transport it, you need a heavy car, otherwise, the trailer shakes violently

This is a budget option for a small travel trailer with a slide, which is suitable for a small family or a group of friends. The slightly outdated appearance of the trailer is compensated by its price and thermal insulation. It’s maximum permissible weight is 2,425 pounds and can hold up to 4-5 people at a time.

Swift Challenger 470 SE

small travel trailers with slide outs

Swift Challenger 470 SE is in 2nd place of the top mobile homes. An inexpensive small travel trailer with slides for long trips for a small family of 2-3 people.

Spacious and functional salon: heating around the perimeter of the room, the sofa transforms into a large bed, in the kitchen area there is a sink with a mixer (water is heated from a gas boiler) and a 4-burner gas stove with an oven and grill. In the sanitary department, there is a dry closet and a shower room with a mirror. Small camper with slide-outs has grids on Windows for insect screens and shade curtains for the night.


  1. Soft carpet on the floor
  2. Sophisticated lighting: overhead light and 2 small sconces above each of the sofas
  3. Ventilation hatches with mosquito nets in the roof of the bedroom and bathroom
  4. Double glazing and mosquito nets on the windows
  5. Many boxes and shelves for things inside the trailer
  6. 2 sinks, 4-burner hob, grill, and oven
  7. The trailer is equipped with an alarm


  1. In models of old years of release in winter without insulation, it is uncomfortable
  2. No electric flush in the toilet
  3. The boiler does not work on electricity
  4. For winter storage you need a garage
  5. Can skid at speed when cornering
  6. Requires registration
  7. You can not be in the cabin while driving
  8. No electric heating

The van is locked with a key, like an ordinary car. In the complete set:

  1. Gas cylinder;
  2. Table;
  3. Water tank 18.5 gallons, with an additional pump;
  4. Canvas tent 16 x 8 foot;
  5. Spare wheel.
  6. There is also a handbrake and a knurled brake and a cable for connecting to a 220V power source.

Mink Camper

small campers with slide outs

Two businessmen from Iceland a couple of years ago founded a company that offers tourists from all over the world to rent the original “camper” Mink Camper. The multifunctional trailer allows you to comfortably travel around the island and set up camp in any place you like, enjoying the beauty of nature. At the same time, you can save on hotel costs, since inside one of the smallest camper with slide-out there is everything you need for comfort.

If you spend a lot of time traveling around the country with numerous stops and parking in nature, you might be interested in this off-road trailer. This small trailer with slide-outs is a new solution for tourists. It offers a very comfortable and safe place to sleep in nature. The camper is compact and can be easily towed by most brands of cars and allows you to sleep well away from the city in an isolated, safe, and comfortable space. The rugged mobile home features Wi-Fi, a fully functional open kitchen with a gas hob, double bed, and skylight for stargazing. A small motorhome with slide-outs also features a heater and thermostat, LED lighting, USB charger, and Bose sound system. In addition, solar panels are installed on the roof of the trailer, which keeps the main batteries of the trailer fully charged throughout the journey.

As the Icelanders note, the main pride of the small trailer with slide-out is the huge “king-size” bed. A comfortable mattress measuring 6.5 foot long and 4.5 foot wide will help you get a good night’s sleep. A family of three can be accommodated in comfort. Large windows are provided to enjoy the scenery, and at night you can admire the starry sky through the glass panoramic roof.

The small trailer with slide-out has a heater, Bose sound system, LED lighting, and a set of pillowcases. At the back of the van is the kitchenette, which includes a gas hob, water cooler, crockery, and cutlery.

Bailey Pageant Magenta

smallest camper with slide out

British brand Bailey makes some of the best small travel trailers with slide-out for long-distance travel.

Bailey Pageant Magenta is a beautiful small travel trailer with slides for two. Cozy salon: 2 folding tables, a chest of drawers, sofas can be converted into one large bed, a TV antenna with an amplifier. The blower heater maintains a pleasant interior temperature all year round. The double-glazed windows are fitted with curtains and insect screens. Among the advantages, there is also a cozy interior, numerous lamps, both inside and outside. There are also such devices: a clock, a barometer, and a thermometer.

Sophisticated kitchen area: gas stove, oven with grill, sink (hot/cold water), water pump.


  1. Windows open, there are insect screens
  2. Fire alarm
  3. Two ventilation hatches with built-in fans
  4. Double glazing
  5. Heater with interior blowing
  6. Lots of wardrobes, spacious dressing room
  7. The trailer clings tightly to the car
  8. Cozy interior, lots of lamps


  1. When driving on country roads, it can skid a little
  2. It is inconvenient to clean in a confined space.
  3. Difficult to readjust in heavy traffic
  4. For heights from 6’2”, the beds are short
  5. A light vehicle will not be able to pull a trailer
  6. Total 3 berths
  7. Old model – there may be breakdowns or shortcomings

Includes built-in rechargeable battery and charger from 220 V, spare wheel, support wrench, and large all-season tent. The trailer is very practical and has everything you need for long and comfortable journeys. But keep in mind that the maximum permissible weight for this small slide-out camper is 2579 lbs.
Thus, the small travel trailer with slide-out is an indispensable tool for long-distance travel enthusiasts. Imagine how many plane or train tickets you would need to buy, how many times you stay in a hotel room, how many times you pay for a taxi, and so on. Going on a trip in a motorhome, you save a lot of money, stay in comfort and build the route yourself!

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