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Shopping in Paris is a favorite pastime for many tourists. This short guide will help you plan your shopping route and estimate what you can spend. We have collected the best shops and malls for you. We will also tell you a little about sales and how to arrange the best shopping in Paris.

Champs Elysées

shopping in paris

Champs Elysees is famous not only as one of the main attractions of Paris but also as one of the best places to shop in Paris. This is true for Paris and all of Europe. The Champs Elysees start from the Place de la Concorde and stretch to the Arc de Triomphe. Here you will find many Paris fashion stores such as Cartier, Christian Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, and more. Even if you do not plan on buying anything, it’s worth checking out the latest fashion trends. This is the main shopping street in Paris.

  • Price level: € 200-2000
  • Metro station: Champs-Élysées – Clemenceau or Concorde

Rue de Rivoli

best shopping in paris

Rue de Rivoli – famous shopping street in Paris. It starts near the Place de la Concorde and continues east to the Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church. The section of Rue de Rivoli between Place de la Concorde and the Louvre houses the best stores in Paris, where you can buy charming Parisian souvenirs, followed by fashionable boutiques from local and international brands such as Zara, H&M, Yves Rocher, Gap, and many others.

  • Price level: 10-200 euros
  • Metro station: Louvre-Rivoli

Rue Saint Honoré

paris fashion stores

If you are interested in what to shop in Paris, then on the rue Saint-Honoré you will decide on the purchase. You will not be able to tear yourself away from the huge selection and variety of clothing. Saint-Honoré is the epitome of Parisian chic, it is here that some of the most famous stores in Paris are located by eminent couturiers, as well as mid-range designer boutiques. The street is full of signs with such recognizable names as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Escada, John Galliano.

The most famous shop on Saint-Honoré, Colette, is worth a visit, featuring unique collections of fashion and art. On the small side streets of Saint-Honoré, there are also many interesting things, for example, one of the largest Chanel stores.

  • Price level: € 200-2000
  • Metro station: Saint-Philippe du Roule or Madeleine

Galeries Lafayette

best stores in paris

Galeries Lafayette can be called a symbol of the French lifestyle. This is a famous mall in Paris, where fashion and delicious food harmoniously coexist. The vast territory of the store, consisting of three buildings, houses departments with the most famous fashion brands from around the world. The assortment at Galeries Lafayette is constantly updated to ensure that customers have the opportunity to purchase the best of the work of French and international designers: fashion clothes, shoes, and accessories for the whole family. After intense shopping, you can unwind in one of the many restaurants in the Galeries Lafayette, serving excellent French cuisine.

  • Price level: €100-2000
  • Metro station: Chaussée d’Antin, Opéra or Trinité

By the way, this area of ​​Paris is also convenient for living. Not only shops are close to here, but also the Grand Opera, and you can walk to the Louvre on foot.

Prentham (Printemps)

In the Galeries Prentham, you will find most of the brands displayed in the nearby Galeries Lafayette, but there are slightly fewer people. Prentham offers you the opportunity to dive into the depths of Parisian shopping and discover the latest collections of clothing, jewelry, and home furnishings. Opposite the main building of the department store is another department, Prentam Citadium, for fans of original urban fashion.

  • Price level: € 100-2000
  • Metro station: Chaussée d’Antin, Opéra or Trinité

Forum des Halles

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If you still could not decide on a shopping place in Paris, France. Then you should pay attention to the Forum de Hal.

Forum des Halles is a huge underground shopping center with many shops, two cinemas and an entertainment center. This is an ideal place for democratic shopping: in Forum de Halle you will find many interesting things for both adults and children from the world’s fashion manufacturers, including Mango, Zara, Kookaï, H&M, Bershka, Sephora, Yves Rocher, as well as a wide range of products for home, electronics, and gifts.

  • Price level: 10-200 euros
  • Metro station: Châtelet – Les Halles

Les 4 temps

famous mall in paris

Les 4 Temps is another place to shop in Paris, France. Les 4 Temps is a huge shopping center located in the La Défense business district of Paris. More than 200 stores are located on its territory, so Les 4 Temps is not in vain considered the largest shopping center in Europe. Among the presented brands there are both mass-market and luxury brands. Everything from American Apparel T-shirts to luxurious Michael Kors bags is easy to find here. Les 4 Temps has a huge advantage over other Parisian stores – it is open all week, including Sunday.

  • Price level: € 10-2000
  • Metro station: Grande Arche de la Défense

And a little about the sales in Paris:

In summer and winter, there are regular sales that last 6 weeks. In summer, sales start at the end of June; in winter, sales start right after Christmas, reaching a peak in late January. Discounts can be up to 80%.

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